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New Moon in Taurus: Time For A Quiet Revolution

Welcome to the New Moon in Taurus, a time for a quiet revolution within. Explore astrology insights from trusted Astrologer, Carlos Mestanza.


Full Moon in Scorpio

This full Moon in Scorpio is a good time to take care of ourselves, responsibly enjoy the pleasures of life, and share the joy of love with those closest to us.


Aries New Moon Astrology

New Moons are the best time for magic. The highest form of magic is the magic of self-transformation. Explore Aries New Moon Astrology from Carlos Mestanza.


Why Do I Feel Anxious? 5 Steps to Move Through Anxiety

Have you ever asked yourself, “why do I feel anxious?” What if we can become conscious of habitual tendencies, discover what causes anxiety, and be happy?


Self-Discovery Journal Prompts with Joan of Arc as a Guide

Inner work can be difficult, but incredibly rewarding. Using Joan of Arc as a guide, discover your own life path through self discovery journal prompts.


Libra Full Moon: A Journey to the Heart, Through the Heart

This Libra Full Moon inspires a journey to the heart, through the heart. Read Astrology insights from Joan of Sparc Astrologer, Niki Sue Mueller.


How to Tell Your Story

Storytelling starts with understanding the underlying patterns and feeling the rhythm. Learn foundational tools, and discover how to tell your story.


New Moon in Pisces

The Astrology for this New Moon in Pisces is an exalted dream. The creative oceans of our hearts’ caverns awaken in love, vision, and new beginnings.


Seven Things to Know About Astrology

Did you know that you are more than your sun sign? That astrology is not fortune telling? Here are seven things to know about astrology.


Joan of Sparc March 2021 Horoscopes

Read March 2021 Horoscopes with astrology insights and mantras for your sun and rising signs written by one of our trusted Astrologers, Carlos Mestanza.


Full Moon in Virgo 2021

The energy of Virgo is very practical and inclined to be of service to others in practical ways. Explore astrology for the Full Moon in Virgo 2021.


Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety and Tips for Healing

Many people who experience signs of high-functioning anxiety are successful, high achieving individuals. Explore ways to resolve anxiety, and tips for healing.


Find Your Purpose in Life: Take the Unnamed Road

Wondering how to find your purpose in life? Take the unnamed, swirly road and then call your Grandma.


Creating a Foundation for Harmonious Relationships

Through inner work we can create new conscious patterns, continually becoming the person we’re meant to be, inevitably attracting harmonious relationships.


Aquarius New Moon 2021

The Aquarius New Moon 2021 invites us to reinvest in the evolutionary winds of change that are reshaping our future potential. Read more…


February 2021 Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read astrology insights for your sun and rising sign from February Joan of Sparc Horoscopes.


Revolutionary Leo Full Moon

Committed action inspired by your highest ideals and sacred purpose are crucial during these times. Read about the soulful and revolutionary Leo Full Moon.


Creativity and Mental Health: Why Creativity Is Important

Creativity and mental health are connected. Learn why creativity is important and try six practices to cultivate positive mental health.


The Hero’s Journey: Seeking Guidance on Your Quest

What happens when a mentor or aid doesn’t show up on your hero’s journey? Here are some tips for those seeking guidance on their quest.


Capricorn New Moon: An Opportunity for Healing

New moons are opportunities for magic, and this new moon in Capricorn is extremely powerful. Explore astrological influences and healing potential.

Joan of Arc’s Story: Discovering Your Life Path: Joan of Sparc

Joan of Arc’s Story: Discovering Your Life Path

In the 15th century, society was not prepared for a woman like Joan of Arc. Delve into Joan of Arc’s story and draw inspiration for your life.


January 2021 Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read astrology insights for your sun and rising sign through the Joan of Sparc January 2021 Horoscopes written by Ciela Wynter.

Cancer Full Moon 2020: Joan of Sparc

Cancer Full Moon 2020

The Cancer Full Moon 2020 is full of Capricorn light. Explore its meaning and read four warning signs to look out for as the year ends.

Are We In the Age of Aquarius: Joan of Sparc

Are We in the Age of Aquarius?

Astrologers and artists herald a forthcoming age of enlightenment. Are we in the Age of Aquarius and why is everyone confused about it?


Winter Solstice Reflection: A Year in Review

Join Joan of Sparc for a winter solstice reflection as we pause, review the past year, and reset for the wild astrological ride ahead.

Jupiter Return: Aligned Expansion Every 12 Years: Joan of Sparc

Jupiter Return: Aligned Expansion Every 12 Years

You’ve heard of the infamous Saturn Return, but have you heard of the Jupiter Return? Learn more about what it is and how it may affect you.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Joan of Sparc

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Read astrology for the new moon in Sagittarius and enjoy a solar eclipse ritual from Astrologer Niki Sue Mueller.

Why Boundaries Are Important: Joan of Sparc

Why Boundaries Are Important

Boundaries are essential for your heart, head, time, and energy. Explore why boundaries are important and ideas for setting healthy emotional boundaries.


Joan of Sparc Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Our curated, Joan of Sparc Holiday Gift Guide includes some of our favorite offerings from around the world to support you in living inspired.


December Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read Joan of Sparc December Horoscopes from Astrologer Ryan Seaman.