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How Listening Improved My Mental Health

I tried to escape from a reality I did not see myself fitting into, eventually leading to depression. Learning to listen to myself improved my mental health and continues to.


Why Do I Feel Anxious? 5 Steps to Move Through Anxiety

Have you ever asked yourself, “why do I feel anxious?” What if we can become conscious of habitual tendencies, discover what causes anxiety, and be happy?


Self-Discovery Journal Prompts with Joan of Arc as a Guide

Inner work can be difficult, but incredibly rewarding. Using Joan of Arc as a guide, discover your own life path through self discovery journal prompts.


How to Tell Your Story

Storytelling starts with understanding the underlying patterns and feeling the rhythm. Learn foundational tools, and discover how to tell your story.


Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety and Tips for Healing

Many people who experience signs of high-functioning anxiety are successful, high achieving individuals. Explore ways to resolve anxiety, and tips for healing.


Find Your Purpose in Life: Take the Unnamed Road

Wondering how to find your purpose in life? Take the unnamed, swirly road and then call your Grandma.


Creating a Foundation for Harmonious Relationships

Through inner work we can create new conscious patterns, continually becoming the person we’re meant to be, inevitably attracting harmonious relationships.


Creativity and Mental Health: Why Creativity Is Important

Creativity and mental health are connected. Learn why creativity is important and try six practices to cultivate positive mental health.


The Hero’s Journey: Seeking Guidance on Your Quest

What happens when a mentor or aid doesn’t show up on your hero’s journey? Here are some tips for those seeking guidance on their quest.

Joan of Arc’s Story: Discovering Your Life Path: Joan of Sparc

Joan of Arc’s Story: Discovering Your Life Path

In the 15th century, society was not prepared for a woman like Joan of Arc. Delve into Joan of Arc’s story and draw inspiration for your life.


Winter Solstice Reflection: A Year in Review

Join Joan of Sparc for a winter solstice reflection as we pause, review the past year, and reset for the wild astrological ride ahead.

Jupiter Return: Aligned Expansion Every 12 Years: Joan of Sparc

Jupiter Return: Aligned Expansion Every 12 Years

You’ve heard of the infamous Saturn Return, but have you heard of the Jupiter Return? Learn more about what it is and how it may affect you.

Why Boundaries Are Important: Joan of Sparc

Why Boundaries Are Important

Boundaries are essential for your heart, head, time, and energy. Explore why boundaries are important and ideas for setting healthy emotional boundaries.


Joan of Sparc Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Our curated, Joan of Sparc Holiday Gift Guide includes some of our favorite offerings from around the world to support you in living inspired.


Why People Resist Change and How to Reclaim the Process

Resistance to change shows up as procrastination and fear. Here’s why people resist change and how you can reclaim the process.

Do you want to make a meaningful impact in the world? Explore what defines a leader and learn more about your personal leadership style.

What Defines A Leader?

Do you want to make a meaningful impact in the world? Explore what defines a leader and learn more about your personal leadership style.


Being of Service: Three Ways to Facilitate Healing

Being of service may be your reason for waking in the morning. Explore the meaning of service and three ways to facilitate healing in your life.


How to Grieve Ambiguous Loss

Are you anxious about the election, climate crisis, and world at large? A psychotherapist shares how to grieve ambiguous loss and why it’s important.

True Guru: Dispelling Guru Culture: Joan of Sparc

True Guru: Dispelling Guru Culture

Cults and gurus are dangerous, blinding us from the true guru within. Discover how Guru Culture applies to you and how to break free.

What Is Radical Acceptance?: Joan of Sparc

What Is Radical Acceptance?

Radical acceptance is knowing you are not the sinking ship but the ocean itself. Read this heartfelt answer to what is radical acceptance?

What Is an Inner Journey?: Joan of Sparc

What Is an Inner Journey?

You are not alone if you have ever wondered, what is an inner journey? Discover one woman’s ever-unfolding process through surrender.

A Guru Free Life: Joan of Sparc

A Guru Free Life

Guru Free is a way of life where the self is sovereign. Explore the power dynamics of pedestals and why only you can illuminate the path to the inner self.


Inner Work As A Path Forward

Inner work is a pathway forward. It inspires us to rise to the occasion and stand with every ounce of our being for justice. Justice for the black community and for all those facing injustice. Explore practices to create inner and outer change.


A Heart-Surrendered Woman

Once I unlocked my heart through surrender, I realized that all of my former heartbreaks were of my own doing.


Venus Retrograde: A Look at the Mythology of Transformation

Venus retrograde is less common and yet it holds an intense power in our lives.


Astrology: A Guiding Light through the Darkness

Astrology is an ancient tool that can provide clarity on our personal paths towards wholeness. Explore the ancient psychological science of astrology reading.


How I Found My Voice as a Woman in Corporate America

It’s hard to find your voice as a woman in corporate America. Joan of Sparc’s CTO shares her story and insight into how to find your voice.


The Importance of Discovering Your Creative Purpose

Life is creative and your participation is vital. The founder of Joan of Sparc invites you to remember your unique brilliance and discover your creative purpose.


The Rise of The Divine Feminine: New Age or Profound?

As the rise of the Divine feminine moves into the mainstream, we are collectively redefining the feminine-masculine balance. Explore your role in this evolution.


You’ve Set Your Intentions for the New Year. Now What?

You’ve set your intentions for the new year or you want to. Explore how to listen to the call of your heart and bring your intentions to life.