We Are The Seers We Seek

This is a season to perceive, we are the seers we seek.

In Grecian times, seers were the embodiment of divinely refined perception. Using the signs, senses, rituals, and practices, seers were highly sought members of society for their perceptive abilities. to assist in decisions that transformed early civilizations. For better and for worse. Even seers are fallible, but we do not judge ourselves for what is out of our control, we can only begin within. We look to this archetype to expand what it means to perceive.

Our senses are the conduit through which we perceive the world. To find clarity of perception requires we step out of our stream of habituated behavior. Attune with each bodily sense to uncover the ecology of your being. Massage the flesh of your being, touch, smell, taste, feel the sound waves bathe across the filaments of your ear to produce sound. Ground and expand into your senses to cultivate clarity.

Our perception of reality depends on our relation to it. Thus, perceiving begins within. Though not wholly subjective, the nature of our reality depends largely on our interpretation of it. This blesses us with a world where multiple, rich, contrasting truths can exist. Even still, our perception of reality can be clouded in illusion.

When we practice honest empathetic self-reflection, we can, with greater intelligence, take stock of what our energetic bodies are harvesting. From here, we shear and release what is energetically extraneous.

This work of refining clears what collects and muddies our veil of perception.

Though our human form does not vary significantly, the human experience of this life varies tremendously.

With this knowledge in mind, we remember how essential it is for us to act with patience and empathy towards one another.

Find ease in your interactions. Engage with an expansive mind.

Feeling enlightened? Go home. Let the holidays serve as an active practice. Real change begins with the interior of you, not your desires and projections. Release expectations and attachments to discover new life among your family and loved ones. It is not about changing the situation but maintaining center in spite of your surroundings.

On the 22nd, the full moon enters Cancer, this energy calls on you to attune to your sensitivity rather than reactivity. A full moon is a time when our emotional body can be tided out of alignment and —coupled with the holiday season— lead us to act from patterns of triggered response that no longer serve us.

Practice pause. From pause, we create space and an opportunity to respond in integrity.

Regardless, this is wonderful energy for honest connection with new and old friends alike. Expect to be surprised. There is an uplifting quality to this moment. In this time of shortened light, enter fully into the possibility of this dynamic moment as your radiance blossoms towards the new year.

In Loving Solidarity,


What Sparcs you? Fruitful investigation begins with intentional questioning, observation, and examination. We want to hear from you. The human experience is messy and provocative, so why would our conversations be any different? As we move forward what topics, ideas, and questions would you like to delve deeper into?  What voices and perspectives would you like to illuminate? Write us, we want to share your voices; the voices of Joan.

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