Elemental Soul

Take pause. With your eyes closed, breathe your body to calm.

Now, consider transformation.

How does this word affect your energetic body?

For most, the idea of transformation generates heaviness, anxiety, and ignites our sensitivity around expectation, pressure, and adequacy. Often times we choose to associate it with the dramatic, novel, and spontaneous. A word that can summon feelings of inferiority, lack, or belief that somehow we need to be something other than we are. This is a false and imprisoning notion.

Release the pressure, expectation, and projection. Soften the ego. Let us deconstruct our view in honor of life’s expansiveness.

Transformation is an aspect of the elemental; her expressions and cycles infinite.

This moment is inevitable, change is the one true constant. In transformation, we hold the inevitability of time’s passage.

Transformation is not a goal, an end, or novel event, it is the essence our every day. Life is your instrument of infinite practice.

Transformation is personal. Metamorphosis is your birthright; an enduring strategy for survival. It is our nature.  Manifesting, dissolving, our paths are nonlinear. Give yourself permission to exist without judgment. In life, shifts are born from creation, preservation, and nonattachment.

How do you react to discomfort and uncertainty? It is not uncommon for the alchemy of change and transformation to have a price. Invariably, at some point in life, our transformation will be borne from temporary suffering.

We practice self-transformation by surrendering to what is.

Can you dance through the storms of your life anchored in this truth?

Let go of planned becoming or controlled striving towards an ideal.  With intention, step more intimately into your true nature. Recall and marinate on your mind, body, and spirit through time. You will find the signs of the changes that became you. Your bliss and becoming are not on the other side of now.  

At times, transformation is vigorous, painful, and strained, but it need not be stressful.  

Even a momentary release and quieting of your closely held attachments can ignite a sea change.

The blood moon and lunar eclipse in Leo (Jan 20th 2019) is an invitation to bask in the wholeness of your being. Perfection lies in the continuous work of life, not the product of such. Howl your truth and feel as your subtle body resonates to joy.

Tap into your elemental being.

You, woman, are born with the capacity to burn, churn, dissolve, renew, adapt, expand, contract.

You embody ether, earth, and light.

You are the universe’s life force incarnate. Befriend your divine soul.

In Solidarity,


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Photo by: Michael Shainblum

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