Are We In the Age of Aquarius: Joan of Sparc

Astrology has had a complete surge in popularity in recent years. Especially now, with so many plot twists around every corner, people are seeking understanding in the mirror of the heavens. Unfortunately, with little education, astrology as a very generalized term can create immense amounts of confusion. The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius is infamous and a harbinger of epochal change, yet its dates vary greatly depending on who you ask. Are we in the Age of Aquarius and why is everyone confused about it?

Even with “education” and a long run of pedagogy in the astral realm, personal preferences and biases can lead many down erroneous paths of fortune-telling and false information. Before you take information about the Age of Aquarius at face value, seek to understand astrological cycles and the varying ways they are calculated. 


What Is an Age? An Overview of The Great Year

An Age, or Yuga, represents a period of time, depending on the tradition and context. What we are discussing in regard to the Age of Aquarius is an Age that reflects a chapter within the complete procession of the equinoxes, or what is referred to as The Great Year. The referenced measurable of an “Age” is approximately 2,150 years when Earth travels retrograde through a particular constellation. 


Thus, The Great Year is the completion of an entire cycle of the equinoxes, where Earth journeys through each constellation over the course of approximately 25,800 years. 


What Is the Age of Aquarius?

Aquarius is a constellation of stars ruled by the planet Uranus. The Age of Aquarius is either the current or upcoming age depending on which astrological school you follow. Again depending on the preferred data utilized to indicate the onset of a particular Age, we have already moved on from the Age of Pisces in Aquarius or we are in a drawn-out transit between the two due to the precessional rotation of the Earth. 

Are We In the Age of Aquarius and Why Is Everyone Confused About It? 

Just search “Age of Aquarius” and you will find divergent camps with various “official” dates of the dawning of this era. Regardless of the actual initiation of the Age in question, it is extremely difficult to know this for certain. With so many different schools of astrologers stating unverifiable evidence, it is clear they may not hold the throne of expertise on this subject as much as they state they do. 

Is a New Age Beginning?

It is largely agreed upon throughout Western, Vedic, Sidereal, and other astrological schools that we as earthly beings are in transit between two Ages. Many distinguish this as a shift from Pisces into Aquarius. However, whether the new age has completely arrived can’t be confirmed through one measurable alone. Through the Western astrological lens, we are leaving behind the Piscean Era that was highly indicative of the Christian Saga beginning with the birth of Christ and his life, death, and resurrection, as well as the proceeding manifestations of distortion in his name. 


In this New Age, it is unknown as to what the cosmic drama will reveal for humanity, what our lessons will be, and what ways we will coalesce around (or ignite into war over) the new allegorical teachings ahead.


What Can We Expect in the Age of Aquarius?

Aquarius is an air sign and has several fundamental traits, including independence and progressive humanitarianism. The Age of Aquarius is usually associated with an expansion of consciousness and heralds a time of truth, new leadership, and mental enlightenment. Of course, only time will tell as humanity’s fate lies in our ability to transmute and transform the current astrological teachings collectively. Just because we shift into new territory doesn’t mean we automatically change to accommodate the landscape, rather, we are brought before an invitation or opportunity to change from within. The more we resist, the harder the lessons will be. 

An Age Reflects Humanity’s Journey

Instead of falling prey to one or another astrologer's claims to “know” this precise moment through astrology alone, I recommend inner work, self-observation, and focus on your internal process as it relates to the shifting of the ages. Yugas are vast and capture the essence of humanity’s journey rather than a personal one. To bring your attention back to your own self-discovery will inevitably add great potential to your participation in the whole of the current legend unfolding.

So What Does The Great Conjunction Have to Do With This?

Jupiter and Saturn, the Social Planet Guardians, meet this Winter Solstice at the portal of entry into the zodiac of Aquarius at zero degrees. The auspicious reunion of these bold planetary bodies at such a poignant close to the end of 2020 signifies the beginning of a new energy that will ring throughout society for decades to come. Although they are conjunct every 20 years, they will now meet for two centuries in air signs. Expect changes as we lift off into new forms of communication, eclectic innovations in technology, a broadening of our horizons in education, and a continued or even amplified resourced activism to cut through the old rigid patterns and behaviors of the past. Spaciousness abounds and the powerful Aquarian cosmic intellect is at the helm. 

Last, I know most everyone is so ready for 2020 to be a thing of the past. However, through the astrological lens of forecasting ahead, it appears we are just getting started as the rumble tumble journey of transformation and renewal continues into 2021 with potent lightning speed. In other words, buckle up buttercup! Stay true to your heart and nourished in your soul as we traverse these tides of change with courage and enthusiasm!


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