Aquarius New Moon 2021

Aquarius New Moon


The New Moon on February 11th at 23 degrees of Aquarius invites us to reinvest in the evolutionary winds of change that are reshaping our relationship to ourselves, each other, and our future potential as a collective. Read more about the current astrological influences from Joan of Sparc Astrologer, Danika Hendrickson. 


In times of accelerated personal and interpersonal catharsis, such as these, this insightful lunation reminds us that it is never too late to approach life differently or begin again, right where we are. 


Living in alignment with our own heart’s wise inner council is as noble a task as ever before.


Collaboration + Transformation 


A dynamic stellium of six planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, are all in the sign of Aquarius on this New Moon. 


This combination of planetary interplay brings extraordinary opportunities for growth and innovation through collaborative efforts and unusual, illuminating experiences that transform and open our minds.  


Mercury Rx + Obstacles


With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius from January 30th through February 21st, we may also find ourselves drawn to revisit connections, review contracts, and reimagine our role as part of the greater whole at this opportune time for internal renovation.


However, an alignment between Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus adds a potent amount of stubborn, earthly tension to the mix, magnifying obstacles along the path that disrupt our sense of peace and forward momentum, and therefore need to be addressed. 


The key to navigating through this unwieldy energy constructively is to make intentional adjustments to our routines and environments that are well within our control but feel difficult to act upon. When we create space for life force energy to flow through us and around us in new ways, we can unstick ourselves from where we tend to repetitively get stuck.


Lean Into The Discomfort


As Saturn and Uranus move close to perfecting the first of three squares in 2021, exact on February 17th, we certainly have our fair share of uncomfortable work cut out for us when it comes to releasing the old and breaking fresh ground, and yet strides are being made. 


If we happen to find ourselves drawn into uncharted territory at this electrifying New Moon, we are not alone. Our togetherness and a felt sense of belonging may very well be found in spaces of contemplation and inquiry, where the dark sky speaks, just off the beaten path.


Join us for the Aquarius New Moon to set intentions, get connected, and explore the current astrology. Learn more here.