Aries New Moon Astrology

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Aries New Moon Astrology


The New Moon is the best time for magic. The highest form of magic is the magic of self-transformation. 


Let’s explore the energies of this New Moon starting with the energy of Aries. With both the Sun and the Moon in Aries, the space is open to working with the most amazing energy of the zodiac.


Aries represents the joy of life, the impulse to live life to the fullest, the call to start new things, to investigate, and to explore. However, if the energy of Aries is not properly channeled, it could be the source of impatience, aggressiveness, possessiveness, or the urge to start something without proper planning. 


Aries Inspires Courage


What else can Aries offer us? Courage! Indeed, the courage to make tough decisions, to live a life from our heart, to see the truth, to act upon it, to survive and conquer, yes, but also the courage to lead a spiritual life.


What is a spiritual life? In the words of Dane Rudhyar (one of the founding fathers of modern astrology as we know it today), “The spiritual life is not a life emotionally devoted to some special form of spiritual revelation; that kind of life should rather be called ‘religious’. The spiritual life is lived from the spirit, by the spirit, for the spirit. It implies a basic surrender of the ego-will to the ‘solar’ WILL.”


Communication and Relationships


What other energies are we living in this New Moon? Definitely the stellium in Aries ( a stellium happens when more than three planets are in the same house of sign, more than four planets if the Sun and Moon are involved). Currently, we now have Chiron, Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Venus in the same house. This means we are having a strong Arian influence in our communications, relationships, and emotions. We may find ourselves having difficult conversations, we may feel pushed to make decisions about relationships, and we may even feel that we have to fight to survive.


On this Aries New Moon, we also have a small triangle formed by a trine and two sextiles, with the Sun/Moon on the apex, we have Jupiter and Mars at both ends of the trine. The Jupiter/Mars trine may call for a surplus of energy, a good time for sports, or other competitive events. In general, the expression of our Arian energies are favorable in this area, so if there is something you have been procrastinating about, then this is the time to tackle the issue.


Venus is being afflicted these days, in a sextile with Mars and a square with Pluto. As a result, we may be impulsive and obsessive in our personal relationships. 


Say You Want A Revolution?


Saturn and Uranus are forming a square aspect, with Saturn in Aquarius, maybe our need for independence will be best rewarded if we respect the structure of the system in place. It’s not time to just lead a revolution without consideration of the implications. If there is going to be a revolution, the revolution will have to respect the rules of Saturn, which means respecting current structures in society, and following the rules of institutions that are already in place.


Above all, be daring, be smart, dream, plan, execute, and repeat. 


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