Astrology: A Guiding Light through the Darkness

There are as many pathways to understanding the self as there are human beings on the planet. One powerful resource for self-discovery is found in astrology. Astrology is an ancient tool that can provide clarity on our personal paths towards wholeness. However, to avoid misconceptions, a degree of discretion is advised. While you may or may not have much experience within this realm, I invite you to explore this ancient psychological science with me in a new way.

While the Status Quo Crumbles

One of the many extraordinary reveals of the time we are living in is that old structures, and rigid ways of thinking are being challenged in unprecedented ways. There is a heightened sense of fury by those gripping at the old way, while a metamorphic dissolution occurs, moving us towards a new reality.

Look at ‘guru-culture’ for example. Perhaps one of our strongest collective addictions is giving our power away. This attitude or way of relating will continue to be emulated even as it is destroyed.


While this antiquated vision that exemplifies the extremes of manipulation, power, and control is vanishing, a new invitation of true empowerment is arising from within us as human beings.


We always return to the same crossroads, to be or not to be. This is not only a question, but it is also a destiny. Another spectrum to observe while we navigate the collective death of our outdated societal habits, tendencies, and ways of being (through inner work), is that the use of ancient tools and wisdom will also become more prevalent.

Rediscovering Ancient Tools

Resourcing from the veins of knowledge from times past can provide blessings of insight. It is also true that we will need to be wary of the traps of dependency and new opportunities to give our power away while seeking external validation along the way.

As in any journey, you may come across your allies and mentors, the villains, wizards and witches, trusty sidekicks, and talking animals (well... maybe?).

Perhaps these archetypes show up in the forms of massage therapists, acupuncturists, reiki healers, astrologers, self-help books, gurus, etc. Once you are on your path – voices and opinions become more apparent, some exceedingly more relevant than others.

Speaking the Language of the Cosmos

Astrology is a language. Similar to math or french, there are certain formulas or grammatical rules that create a container allowing for a depth of understanding. Once the framework is established, one may venture forth into the vastness and complexity of this seemingly infinite network of archetypal possibilities.


Astrology could potentially be recognized as one of the first ‘sciences’ with the aim of knowing oneself. 


Before we created the word ‘psychology,’ the study of the mind, we had been observing ourselves, our minds and our behaviors in relation to the rhythms of our planet, the transits of the other planets and stars, our sowing and harvesting seasons, the tides and cycles of the moon, etc for thousands of years.

Astronomy, with origins found in the mythological and astrological realms, was popularized along with Astrology (at the time regarded as ‘science’). Astronomy has since sidelined its soulful predecessor in any reputable sense within the academic spheres. Leaving Astrology to now be regarded as a mere ‘new age’ pseudoscience.

Despite having been publicly surpassed in favor of a more ‘proven’ method that denies the human experience, astrology lives on within each and every one of our inner worlds, waiting to be realized. This intricate and exotic language gives voice to the mystery, access to the depths within, and mirrors our psyche whether we like it or not.


As Above So Below

“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

~ Carl Jung


May Carl Jung’s prophetic declaration ring true! For now, let’s ask the question: is Astrology a science, a mystery, or an art form? Perhaps the language of stars is a combination of the three, a dependable resource for inner knowing gifted to us by the cosmos itself.

Beyond political borders and the laws we dutifully abide, we are each governed by the rhythms of the tides and moon cycles, internal archetypes, and our personal starlit map called a birth chart. There is only one moment in your life that encapsulates every future experience yet to be lived. And this is when you receive your first breath of life.

The precise hour, minutes, date, and location of your birth hold within them a unique code, an imprint of the current collective, the environment, culture, psychology, and philosophy of the governing politics and world view. 


This is the beginning of a story inside of you waiting to be discovered. Your birth chart is a photograph of your soul. It is a multidimensional representation of the moment you first approached the light of day and carries wisdom and undiscovered treasures relevant until your last breath.

Past, present, and future coexist within astrology, which is where the utter mystery expresses itself. You will live your story out in uniqueness throughout your days, as an incredible vessel that human beings are.

Taking Your Destiny in your Hands

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

      ~ William Shakespeare

Is it written in the stars? Perhaps, yet these wise words from our friend William Shakespeare are so eloquent in turning the responsibility to where it belongs, within us. We each possess the power of choice, also referred to as free will.

There is an inherent invitation for inner work upon receiving the powerful insights found in an astrology reading. It is not to be regarded simply as the gathering of information about oneself. Everything you can learn from within a natal chart, or the intricate photograph of your soul, is knowledge you already have inside of you. This is yet another reason to flex your powers of discernment when choosing an astrologer to guide you through your personal internal landscape. It is a delicate and sacred space. False or misguided information can have potent consequences. This is not to be taken lightly as a party trick or a novelty.

Unfortunately, we have given into the oppression of this valuable trade, living into its superficiality, which in turn leads to corruption and manipulation for financial gain. It is time to resurrect this art form and reclaim the reputable science of which it offers us in the form of self-knowledge.

An astrology reading is not just another ‘session’ of healing, although healing can occur when there is externalized validation of an internal experience. This is not to accrue accolades of how amazing you are or even ‘proof’ that you are the weakness that fuels any conscious or unconscious low-self esteem.

Learning to read our chart or having it read to us is just the beginning. Again, with any knowledge received, we also increase our responsibility. Our chart is our life, and it is a doorway to deeper understanding. Every time we approach it, there is a new perspective to claim for ourselves. What are you waiting for?

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