The Art of Being Spontaneous in 3 Steps


What does being spontaneous even mean? In a world of fancy filters and viral social media posts, this concept has gone from merely changing things up to promoting the idea that adventure is the only pathway to live a fulfilling life. Still, it encourages me to question my own routines (are they serving my spirit?) while striving to find a balance of merging the mundane with the magical. To create an authentic space for the spontaneous to thrive. 

I truly believe being spontaneous can exist differently for everyone - any opportunity we take to switch up the ordinary can significantly impact our psyche. Frankly, it reminds us that those little special sparks of newness do exist - and they’re available at any turn. 

The Art of Being Spontaneous in Three Steps

#1 The Nature of the Game Is Change

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over 12 years now. As a Michigan native, I took the leap and drove out to the West Coast after graduating college. With little more than a vague sense of what LA had to offer, I packed my car up with the essentials (thanks, Dad, for being a Tetris master) and rode out to pursue my dreams. As you can probably imagine, the last decade has been full of ups, downs, twists, curves, speed bumps and at times, utter chaos. Because beyond our best efforts and intentions, life plays by its own rules. Ironically, its nature is inherently spontaneous. Life itself is forged from perpetual change. But now that I’ve gotten to a place of relative stability, I realize that I’ve stopped asking myself, “what’s next?” 


We, as humans are continually striving for structure and order. We crave familiarity. Have you ever found a song you love and listened to it 50 times in a row? Or gone to a restaurant and insisted on ordering your favorite dish? We find relief and contentment in the comfortable. In my early 30s, however, I have started wondering if staying complacent in my comfort is actually equivalent to a slow and painful death.

#2 Don’t Fight the Current

Think about it - if we’re only given one life, why not at least enjoy it? Why not push ourselves a little bit to step out of our comfort zone? To try new things and explore more of what the world has to offer? Especially if we feel deep inside that it’s something we’re longing for. 

I’m not saying book a bungee jumping excursion tomorrow - spontaneity isn’t always something drastic! I am suggesting that our lives may become even more in order when we create space for being spontaneous, here and there.

I was never an overly adventurous kid. To this day, I still don’t know how to rollerblade or ice skate - I was too afraid to learn. I’m not a fan of roller coasters or typical “adrenaline-inducing” stuff. And honestly, I’m cool with that! But I’ve been wondering if the more foundational things I’ve built my life around are making me happy. Is my heart calling me towards new horizons? Is it okay for me to one day change my mind? What does it mean to recuperate the excitement of my spirit? To put it another way, as a dear friend recently said to me in a moment of emotional overwhelm: 

Life is going to go by anyway, so why don’t you do what you can to make it a life you love, rather than one that just happened to you? 

So, what is it that you love? What could you do differently to enhance your life now and again? Where are you overlooking an opportunity to embrace some change, some shifts of any size?

#3 Take the Leap 


Truly, being spontaneous will look many ways. It doesn’t have to be trekking up an ominous mountain, eating exotic foods, or backpacking through a new country for six months. Though it can be that, too! It can also be as simple as taking a walk through a new part of the neighborhood or adding a practice to your daily routine to employ a deeper level of self-care. It could be learning a skill, signing up for a class, or taking yourself out on a solo date to a place you’ve always wanted to go, but have been too afraid of experiencing alone. Or, it can even be employing more faith and courage if there are bigger shifts in your life ready to emerge.

Being spontaneous is one way of allowing ourselves to be more present. To open our hearts and minds to new possibilities - encouraging life to truly do its thing.


For me, right now, after months (okay, maybe years) of much resistance, it seems like spontaneity may, in fact, involve moving to a new city, after all. After 12 years in LA, my spirit is beckoning me onward to explore a different zip code. Honestly, I’m terrified - leaving everything I’ve built? All my friends and connections? Am I crazy? But after asking for guidance and trusting the inevitable timing, I’m embracing some spontaneity by keeping faith that I will be taken care of, wherever I land. 

I’m saying Yes to the open door - the one that leads to places I cannot conceive of yet. Because one thing I know for sure, is that beyond the fear and overwhelm around letting go of my stability and leaping far beyond my comfort, there is a vitality and spark of life that ignites through allowing the unknown to take its course. That we are loved by the Universe in ways that will continually encourage our transformation, and that somewhere beyond the familiar, exists some really juicy new stuff.

In solidarity and spontaneity,



About the Author

Blair Wojcik is a writer, editor, and poet who holds a passion for storytelling and a desire to share content that inspires the beauty of humanity. She is endlessly inspired by both the elements and the internal experience of rediscovering ourselves, each day. She is a Michigan native who has resided in Los Angeles for the last 12 years and is currently uprooting to the Pacific Northwest, to immerse herself in the haven of Portland, Oregon. You can find her musings on Instagram at @blair_rose, or learn more about the services she provides other businesses, brands, and organizations at her website,

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