Taking a Leap of Faith: The Bravery of Healing

Written by Noemie Akridge

Sacred is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing”.

-Emma Donoghue

This month with the influence of the recent new moon in Taurus, we are put to the challenge of facing our inner darkness, past struggles, and traumas buried within. Throughout our lives, we all have to face difficulties, however, during harsh times there is always a light inside of our soul and this month, this light will rise with the full moon in Scorpio carrying a balm of relief with it. Our healing journeys, no matter how challenging and exhausting they can be, carry precious gifts with them. It is time to look at the horizon and let this moon cycle stimulate a time of support and deep healing. Today, we are going to dig into our emotional processes and highlight three essential steps that will guide you towards a genuine state of grace on your healing journey.

Healing is taking a leap of faith… in yourself

At certain moments in our lives we are all confronted with: pain, anger, loss, insecurities, frustrations, doubts, abuse and so many other different forms of trauma.

If you are currently healing or going through an intense process, take a deep breath and remember you are not alone.

There is always a way to transcend our trauma, one way of doing so occurs when we recognize our obstacles as spiritual emblems. It is never easy to heal and the process is sometimes long and tedious but every pain carries the spark of a greater opportunity. By finding the gifts inside our deepest pains, we allow an incredible waft of freedom to blow and move us towards feeling renewed and spiritually balanced again.

Here are three essential steps to observe our traumas and pains through the lens of bravery and turn them into powerful spiritual emblems.

1. Courage

The definition of courage itself is quite simple: “courage is not the absence of fear; it is to take action in spite of fear”. To start healing, we will have to be brave and take the one step forward we desperately need to take, even if we are terrified to do so.

Courage comes in many forms but is critically necessary for healing to occur. Whether it is a conversation that needs to be initiated, a truth we need to admit or accept, a situation we need to confront, or a past experience we need to let go of.

Conforming to society’s standards can be a decision we make in order to survive in the world. A decision that comes with many pitfalls. Therefore, aiming to develop the courage to accept that we can not always match the mold society creates can be spiritually life-saving. There are many ways in this world to create change, generate positive outcomes and be a righteous soul. You do not have to smile constantly, deny your pains receive constant praise or conform to a societal status of beauty and wealth to be healthy. As a matter of fact, most commonly acquired ideas from our dominant culture are deeply unhealthy, the only thing they require is a lot of pretending. Always remember to stay focused on your own insights and reflections, they are the jewels hidden at the core of your pain. The spiritual insights that emerge from within are a true gift, a reason to live with all the courage you can find inside you, turning the pain you feel into your own healing balm.

2.   Action

If we look at healing as a result of an equation, action would be a fundamental part of it. Action is the beating heart of the healing process. In the Holy Scriptures, to act was considered a virtue as opposed to merely being. As a logical consequence of this way of thinking, procrastination and dread are considered as the main obstacles on the road of healing. Whether we choose to consider our power to act as a result of our divine faith or a result of spiritual courage, it is important to remember that the longer we stay inert, the farther away from ourselves and our lives we get.

When you feel like you do not have the courage to act, the energy to move forward, always remember that just as each problem proposes its own solution, each pain holds the right amount of love to carry you during the healing process.

You are brave, you have a unique purpose in this life and you deserve to be the protagonist of your existence, not a spectator. Open up to yourself, listen to your heart and remember that the most supportive healing comes from inside you.

3.   Forgiveness

I like the way Emma Donoghue described forgiveness in her incredible novel “Room”. In a simple but compelling way, she said: “Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing”. These simple words carry a meaning of greater depth about forgiveness. If sometimes the healing process appears to us as a Daedalus of ciphers, it is probably because the second step to take is beyond the possibilities of the action itself. The next step is spiritual and will require our inner wisdom and sensibility to intervene.

Forgiveness entails stepping out of the blur. It is the last element of resolution in the equation of healing. Once we find our unfailing source of courage, that which brought us to take action and move forward, next comes a time to set the record straight with ourselves. Independently of who or what caused our pain and suffering, forgiveness starts and ends within you. It is a cycle of substantial magnitude at the scale of our lives. In many ways, forgiveness occurs as a blessing, like the holy grail that we have been looking for since the beginning of the process. What was once a concept, an unfathomable notion lost in the realms of our demise, becomes clear and undeniable. Can you feel this fresh breeze? Could this be the early stages of a new era of yourself?

The bravery of healing

Courage is the cement of the healing process. Once we are ready to accept that there is not a single “normal way” of healing, we are ready to seize the courage within us and take action. The most dangerous myth being spread is the one saying that healing is supposed to be an agreeable process, that you are supposed to feel good and relieved all the time. Negating our pain by avoiding it or ignoring it instead of confronting it and processing it creates dangerous consequences for our health and spirit. The bravery of healing is somewhere else, it is hidden inside our pains and traumas, waiting to be dug up. It is a spark waiting to light a fire again, a spiritual emblem of your survival, of your healing.

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