Cancer Full Moon 2020: Joan of Sparc

Welcome to the last full moon of the year! Full moons happen when the sun and the moon are in opposition. This month, our Moon will be in the sign of Cancer while the Sun is in Capricorn (Cancer and Capricorn are opposing signs). Since the Moon reflects the light from the Sun, we can say this full moon shines with "Capricorn light." Explore the deep meaning of this Capricorn Full Moon 2020 and read four warning signs to look out for as the year ends. 

Influences of The Sun in Capricorn

On one side, our instinctive emotions are calling for love, family, and home. While on the other side, practical Capricorn may relate to those elements through wanting to spend whatever is needed to protect and keep that love and home in our lives. If we aren't discerning, these energies may be expressed incorrectly. We may have the urge to try and “buy” love through gifts. So, be generous, kind, and loving—and stay observant of the underlying motivations for your actions.

Some Capricorn melancholy may be present at this full moon. If you're feeling nostalgic for times past, remember that you are living in your golden years right now. 

Navigating Sensitivity

Chiron is forming a T-Square to the Sun-Moon opposition. This brings some sensitivity into the equation—maybe even a subtle flavor of abandonment. If this is the case, please do not waste your time looking for reasons why. 

Instead, feel what you need to feel, acknowledge if it is real, and then recognize the goodness around you. Most of all, be gentle with yourself.

The Great Conjunction

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is still rolling out. Joy and responsibility in our social expressions may sound contradictory but the message “enjoy responsibly” has cosmic meaning right now. Or, maybe we will find ways to even truly enjoy our responsibilities. This conjunction is quite significant: Jupiter and Saturn are the rulers of economic cycles, social development, prosperity, and scarcity. 

They came together exactly on the winter solstice this year, meaning that this conjunction energy will be present through the whole year. 

This conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn happens every 20 years. The most recent ones were in:

  • Taurus in 2000
  • Libra in 1980-81
  • Capricorn in 1961
  • Taurus in 1940-41
  • Virgo 1921
  • Capricorn 1901

Do you notice that all the previous conjunctions were in earth signs? 

New-Century Thinking

We are coming out of a century where the world economy was ruled by natural resources and soil exploitation. In 1980, we had our first conjunction in an air sign, heralding a switch in the world economy from resources-based to service-based. 

Before the '80s, the richest were those who owned natural resources like oil, copper, carbon, etc. However, now the richest are the ones who own our technology, those offering the best and fastest services. Now, Google and Facebook are the economic giants with larger budgets than many countries in the world. They don’t need to own one single quarry or produce consumer goods.

However, we still need resources to live, build, and eat. So, ideally, we can use the shift towards technology to give our Mother Earth better treatment. Now is the time for revolutionary ideas like the ones from Kiss the Ground, for soil regeneration and so many other new technologies which I am excited to see unfold in the coming years. May they be controlled by socially responsible financial groups and honest politicians looking for profits as well as the good of all present and future fellow humans. I may be dreaming, but I hope we all awaken to our highest dreams.

Back to the Capricorn Full Moon 2020

There is a trine between Mars in Aries and Venus in Sagittarius, which I love because it means a good balance between the masculine and the feminine inside ourselves. Yet, the Full Moon in Cancer comes with four warning signs:

Four Warning Signs

  1. Mars and Venus are in signs of fire and given that these two planets rule our hormones, we may be quite impulsive 
  2. Neptune is squaring Venus, bringing some “love is in air” confusion in assessing our feelings
  3. Pluto is squaring Mars, bringing impulsivity to our obsessions
  4. Venus is in conjunction with the South Lunar Node, pointing to a karmic message from the stars

Can you appreciate the complexity of our current astrological scenario? My message here is to take good care of yourself and remember that real love is patient and desire is always in a rush. Let me share one of my favorites quotes:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopeful, always perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

Farewell 2020

And finally, let’s say goodbye to 2020. It has been very difficult for many of us. At times my heart could not have been more broken (losing dear ones to COVID-19), but putting it back together has been possible through giving and receiving love, giving support to the people who need it, and through receiving support from family and friends. 

Many good things happened as well. We need to remember them, recognize them, and acknowledge them, as they were part of this year.

I would like to thank the divinity for all the learnings and the goodness of this year, grateful for Joan of Sparc, for the people who make JOS possible, and grateful for you, dear reader. Wishing you an eternal Christmas in your heart and a happy new year!

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