The aphorism “hindsight is 2020” takes on a whole new meaning as we reflect back on the beginning of a year that is as unforgettable as it was unimaginable.


Just as this year began with a turbo charged lunar eclipse in Cancer forming a direct opposition to the exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (the long awaited aspect that garnered anxious speculation in the eyes of every astrologer), so too we enter the final month of the year with two more eclipses. Yes, really.


The eclipses closing out “the year felt round the world” include a lunar eclipse in Gemini on 11/30, and a solar eclipse is Sagittarius on 12/14. These concentrate, in a nutshell, on the lower mind and the higher mind. Moving from subjective experience into objective perspective. Evolving from ‘me’ consciousness too ‘we’ consciousness. No easy task, yet all too essential. And while the heat of transformation has often felt unbearable, none of us can deny that change is necessary.


Adding to the mix, the longest night of the year (Winter Solstice 12/21) occurs simultaneous to Saturn and Jupiter forming an exact conjunction as they enter Aquarius together. As the long winter draws us inward, the material we have to navigate may be substantial, a bit chaotic, and on the heavy side. And while the benefits of our effort may well be delayed, we can trust that if we stay the course and take the necessary steps to reconcile the resistance, it will pay dividends beyond what we can possibly imagine, in ways we never could have dreamed.


In gratitude for all the incredible work you did this year (yes you), everyone at Joan of Sparc wishes you a powerful (and peaceful) close to 2020 and a beautiful new year!


ARIES (Sun or Ascendant)



“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own nonsense.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert


While you entered this year with a great deal of well-earned confidence, like a soldier fresh out of boot camp and ready for duty, your commanding officer (the planetary transits in this metaphor) opted instead to throw you back into basic training. And while it was likely far from pleasant, you lived to tell the tale. More importantly, you found an essential piece to the puzzle of your imminent success. Humility. And with it, grace. Only the truest reflections afford us this discovery, and 2020 didn’t hold back. With the upcoming solar eclipse in your ninth house of adventure and higher learning, and your ruling planet Mars charging full steam ahead in your first house of self-expression and vitality, December brings with it the perfect window to integrate the strength and resolve this year established, get your ducks in a row for a new year that will surely put your advanced skills to the test, and to remember that, like Neo in The Matrix, you are the one. And, you’re not the only one.


TAURUS (Sun or Ascendant)

Transformation | Rebirth | Alignment


“By the side of the everlasting Why there is a Yes--a transitory Yes if you like, but a Yes.”

-E.M. Forster, A Room with a View


The sensory experience you were born to embrace has been A LOT for you to carry this year, given just how limited physical embrace has been, just how disturbed your beloved routines have been, and how much energy therefore accumulated in your body! Never inclined to shy away from a challenge, you rolled up your sleeves, adapted your practices, and found new ways to receive the self-care essential to your well being. And now, oh resourceful one, you have positioned yourself to take full advantage of Jupiter transiting your tenth house in 2021. As the mid-month solar eclipse lands in your eighth house of transformation and shared resources, you have an auspicious window to be reborn into a world of your own making, implement new strategies that will radically advance your every pursuit, and align not only with your Why, but also your everlasting YES, and receive the sweet nectar of the universe responding in kind.


GEMINI (Sun or Ascendant)

Levity | Partnership | Give


“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”

- Napoleon Hill


With the lunar eclipse occurring in your whimsical sign, your already gifted way with words takes on a whole new flavor. As your ruling planet Mercury completes its shadow transit through Scorpio, this month offers a welcome sense of levity and expansion. While the multitude of avenues requiring your attention are likely to remain, they won’t feel nearly as overwhelming. They feel more manageable because you’ve endeavored to recognize the only thing you really need to manage is your mind. Love takes a front seat with the solar eclipse in your seventh house of equal partnerships and cooperation, expanding the vast capacity you have to relate with this world as an intermediary between Above and the Below. With one foot in the material world and the other in the world of spirit, you have the innate ability to see the divine in the mundane, the Self alongside the ego, and the unconditional love that weaves throughout the fabric of duality. As you dance freely in this non-dual current, allow yourself to give without condition and then sit back and watch it boomerang to you in ways that exceed even your wildest imagination. 


CANCER (Sun or Ascendant)

Perception | Feel | Service


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”

-Helen Keller


As the sense impressions of this eclipse wash through your intuitive lens, remember your connection with the source of what animates all life to begin with. Access to such a remembrance informs your will to assert yourself from that highest place of your creative genius, offering it to a world in desperate need of your unique and finely attuned perception. I was once encouraged by a dear friend that when I write, to remember that I’m actually writing a love letter to God. And so it is with your feelings. You feel all the feels like only a lunar ruled sign can, and it’s imperative to remember that when you feel, in its essence, you’re experiencing the feelings of God. As the solar eclipse sparks your sixth house of service and discipline, you have a beautiful opportunity to institute the steps and measures to create magical displays with the emotional waves you feel. As well, to love yourself enough to quiet the voices that might otherwise deny the immense gifts and talents encapsulated in your heart, and to nurture them accordingly with unfettered compassion. 



LEO (Sun or Ascendant)

Treasure | Express | Create


“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”



For the Leo tribe residing in the northern hemisphere, winter is not your favorite time of year, to put it mildly. A child of the Sun, yours is an affinity for light and radiance like no other. Nonetheless, December holds for you a great deal of treasure just waiting to be discovered. The expanse of your reach is more vast than you might otherwise expect, what with quarantine clamping down once again. You are somehow impervious to this limitation, almost as though where some experience red lights, all you see is green. As a caveat, this isn’t an invitation to behave irresponsibly in the midst of our socially distanced moment, rather it’s an encouragement to let your passion find its natural expression through the creative vision that’s burning inside you…and let it out any way you can! Your service to the whole this month, as the solar eclipse pulses through your fifth house of personal creativity and charismatic love, is in your unique ability to access your heart and create with it, sing with it, and dance with it as though the healing of the world depends on you sharing it however you feel inspired.



VIRGO (Sun or Ascendant)

Surrender | Light | Trust


“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

-Rabindranath Tagore


There has been a recurring theme for you this year, one of work first, and often last, and sometimes always. You want to relax, you do, for real, it’s just that you aren’t really able to, not fully, and by no fault of your own. Your ruling planet Mercury has been working your anxiety to a point of ultimate surrender, and that’s what December is all about for you. It’s not that the content of your life will necessarily become less stressful, it has more to do with your relatedness with it is up-leveling to view it from a far more expansive lens. With Mercury moving out of its shadow, and the mid-month solar eclipse in your fourth house of emotional imprints and family karma, your home life (both current and historical) receives a much-welcomed jolt of objectivity. Here you get to realize that you’re actually far more evolved than your ego is inclined to have you believe, and doubts that pervade your freedom stem not from who you truly are, but the multitude of impressions and ideas of imperfection that our world and your ancestors projected onto you. Suddenly you realize, like an innocent child who flips on a light switch for the first time, that you’re a beam light in the darkness of our times, and that your joy is not only allowed, it is needed. And that it’s time to start trusting yourself, trusting the process, and trusting that you are far more capable than your conditioned mind otherwise believes. What better way is there to serve our world at this time?




LIBRA (Sun or Ascendant)

Wisdom | Voice | Expand


“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”



The beautiful way you walk is the salve our world needs to see. Bent as you are towards balance, justice, and the true essence of beauty, now is your time to share the wisdom of your ways. The following quote (source unknown) sums it up best…“If you want to learn, read. If you want to know, write. If you want to master, teach.” Where the lunar eclipse will expand your appreciation of just how valuable your studies and explorations have been, the solar eclipse in your third house of outreach and communication will inspire you to find your own unique voice that shares these teachings far and wide, or at the very least it will inspire you to root deeper into studying what your soul feels inspired to master. This may require some much-needed downtime, so a key this month will be to listen to the subtitles of what you need, and be mindful you don’t override them for the needs of others. As you formulate your master plan for the year ahead, you’ll be well-served to consider the words of Buckminster Fuller, ”When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”



SCORPIO (Sun or Ascendant)

Worth | Power | Intention


“A person's worth is measured by the worth of what he values.”

-Marcus Aurelius


You rode the intense waves of this transformative year more comfortably than most, what with your penchant for death and rebirth. While it may have been (relatively) comfortable, it hasn’t been easy. Deep diving nonstop, even for a Scorpio, takes its toll. Especially the last couple of months, as your co-ruling planet Mars retrograded into the many shadowy realms of your ego. And while Mars has gone direct, it remains deep in the hearts of its shadow until the conclusion of 2020, carrying with it a litany of ego lessons. Pay close attention to where you exercise the lower vibration of force (represented by Mars) rather than embodying the higher vibration of power (represented by Pluto, the other co-ruler of your sign). Take advantage of the solar eclipse in your second house of money and self-worth to get crystal clear not only on the resources you now have access to—thanks to all the gold you’ve mined—but also your worthiness of the not yet realized resources you need to support your every offering and endeavor in the year ahead. As you transform any outdated fears of rejection and antiquated stories of unworthiness, the magnetism of your Plutonian power will open the abundance and manifestation of your every conscious intention.



SAGITTARIUS (Sun or Ascendant)

Truth | Embodiment | Vitality


“My sun sets to rise again.”

-Robert Browning


While some years are better than others, and few would argue this one falls in the others category, you found yourself struggling more than most. While limiting the freedom of a Sagittarius is tantamount to putting a wild bird in a tiny cage, it wasn’t just the inability to move freely that so deeply affected you this year. This was a year that involved work on levels you never could have imagined as your ruling planet Jupiter transited over Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The deadweight you had to lift, however, has made you stronger than you’ve ever been, and let’s be honest, you were no slouch to begin with. Although we’re traversing your birthday season with less than ideal circumstances, you can take heed of the fact that Jupiter is about to close this critical chapter and enter the sign of Aquarius, a domain for which its expansive nature is far better suited. In short, you made it through your dark night. With the solar eclipse in your first house of self-awareness and vitality, the brightness of your light and your resoluteness with your truth has never been more embodied. Be prepared to share it with the world, because opportunities to do so will grow evermore inspired as the new year unfolds.



CAPRICORN (Sun or Ascendant)

Freedom | Integration | Receive



“If you want to be great and successful, choose people who are great and successful and walk side by side with them.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


As passion alights more and more in your heart this month, so too there’s a fire in your mind that yearns to be free. Free to speak, free to think, free to let go and share the song you came here to sing. You went deep this year, deeper than you’ve ever gone. No stranger to the heavy lifting inner excavation requires, there were likely moments even you questioned whether or not you were going to make it. Or for that matter, if it’s re|ally worth it. Rest assured, wise one, your efforts will undoubtedly prove more than worth it. As Saturn moves out of your sign, and away from its intense conjunction with Pluto, it enters Aquarius, the sign of which it is a co-ruler. The long, slow build you’ve been in will give way to a vast array of opportunities to bring your work to fruition, relinquish much of the weight you’ve been carrying, and allow your gifts to be well received by a world in dire need of exactly what you have to offer. With the solar eclipse in your twelfth house of withdrawal from the world and karmic completion, you’re encouraged to finish this year in a space outside of time. It is essential to integrate all that has been, and allow your intuition to fill the space created by the countless ego deaths you’ve endured. The ascended masters are whispering ancient wisdom softly in your ear, offering you the master plan and essential elements your creative vision will need in the year ahead, as well encouraging you to open up and allow yourself receive in equal measure to all that you give. All you need to do is sit side by side with them and listen, and remember that, contrary to past experience, you don’t have to do it alone.



AQUARIUS (Sun or Ascendant)

Practicality | Misson | Compassion


"Every person above the ordinary has a certain mission that they are called to fulfill."

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


As a visionary leading humanity headfirst into the next all-important phase of the Age of Aquarius, your orientation to reality is most comfortably perceived through the intellect. This month, however, begins by highlighting the more practical aspects of your life, your sense of personal security, and a particular focus on the resources you need. Factoring in your grand vision for a unified world, and your acute awareness of the interconnectedness humankind has with the global calamities of our time, December offers a wonderful window to remember that we get what we give, that generosity is inevitably met with reciprocity, and that compassion is a revolution. Rather than give your attention to the fear of not enough, in whatever area of your life it arises, engage the conclusion of the year like a master chess player who sees seventeen moves ahead, and architect the year into which you’re living with the altruistic vision of the highest good of all as the foundation of your every intention. With the solar eclipse in your tenth house of authority and professional ambition, your mission and career—especially with your co-ruling planet Saturn transiting into your sign along with Jupiter—is the ideal arena to place your focus.



PISCES (Sun or Ascendant)

Essence | Love | Inner-Knowing


“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

-Dr. Seuss


If curiosity killed the cat, then it’s a good thing you’ve got nine lives! This month starts off with a desire to adventure, to learn, to play…yet these desires are met with unprecedented resistance. It’s like getting a new set of ice skates for your birthday, and the ice thaws the next morning. So while the disappointment you feel is real on one level, it’s really guiding you to adventure inward to an essence connection on a much deeper level. You have an inner knowing, a sublime surrender, that you’re here for something greater, a divine purpose to share with this world, and you feel a true sense of universal love that’s entirely too infinite to be limited even a second longer. With the solar eclipse in your ninth house of the search for truth and the ideal world, allow yourself to expand into this love. Presence yourself with the myriad emotions you feel, identifying with none of them, and simply allow unconditional love to wash unmitigated through all fears and anxieties, pouring this energy instead into the creative genius you were born to embody, and teach the world to do the same simply by this exquisite way of being. The more you fall in love with the world, the more it falls in love with you.


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