The Importance of Discovering Your Creative Purpose

Written by Ciela Wynter, Founder + CEO of Joan of Sparc

Many people share the desire to discover their life purpose. What does this actually mean? To have a purpose is an indicator of life and it seems that we may actually need a purpose to survive. If there is no reason to get out of bed, why would we? In this sense, can our purpose be as simple as breathing? Taking care of someone else? Going to work? Perhaps there is a common denominator that exists in all of these acts, as well as within the current trend to seek our purpose as an inherent need, and that is you.

Looking Deeper

What if for the next few minutes we can agree that our purpose is to be alive. Not just for the sake of breathing, taking care of ourselves or others and going to work, yet to really live. To be alive, present, and conscious rather than asleep, deadened, and zombified due to mechanical social (media) feeding zones. To live life as we are meant to live it, and yes to breathe, to literally and figuratively inspire.

If our purpose is to live, can we acknowledge that our purpose is one of creativity rather than destruction? And, that this creative purpose is an innate power latent inside each and every one of us aching to be acknowledged by our own self. This impulse to create, give life, inspire, is hidden deep within the mire of our own thoughts, emotions, and unconsciousness.

Even if we are ‘creative’ by nature, most likely we are barely tapping into what is actually possible within us.

Re-Educating Ourselves

How many of us have a vision? What if we all do? A vision of possibility, regardless of scale, is still creative in nature and a seed awaiting germination. Many of us have grown up within a basic framework of K-12th grade, moving from one classroom to the next, reading or not reading thick, heavy outdated textbooks, or perhaps scrolling through homework on an iPad that is only now becoming more relevant to the current times we are living in. 

Unless you went to a charter or private school, and even then you may not have taken classes such as these during the formative years, you probably missed: Discernment 101, Intuitive Sense- How to Apply in Everyday Life, Nurturing the Creative Within, Speak Your Power, etc. Who wouldn’t have loved to take those classes or at minimum read the syllabus? Let’s keep this in mind as we co-create a new future together. 

The good news is that many people are now exploring these areas of life with fervor. And, we are integrating these topics into the work we are doing today at Joan of Sparc as it is never too late to get started. Now is the perfect time to go deep within ourselves, explore, go on the journey of self-discovery, and instill a practice of inner work into our daily routine. 

Your Vision Matters

Someone may ask, “is bringing my vision to the world even a thing?” Yes, and this is important because you bring a completely unique experience, vision, and voice that no one else has ever had or will have again. Your life is a precious gift and you are a facet of humanity that will never be repeated. 

What is the heartbeat of your purpose? Don’t know? There are pathways to finding this within yourself and I encourage you to follow the inner path, as opposed to the many people who come in and out of this world without going through this courageous inner process. 

Just imagine if Galileo Galilei, Rosa Parks, or Bill Gates hadn’t brought their vision or voice forward? What kind of world would we be living in now?

There are a few of you reading this right now who are literally holding pieces to solving inconceivable problems without knowing it. Some of you will bring forth new ways of thinking that will alter the collective mind. Others of you will be a part of a team that will inevitably change the course of history and your participation is vital. 

New patterns and neural pathways to interrupt habitual ways of living (or not truly living) are in gestation right now in a few of you, and you will share what you are learning with a positive impact for many. 

Unleash Your Latent Creative Potential

In real-time, thoughts are swirling into emotions, are being formed into words, and in the near future, some of you will speak your voice into existence, catalyzing tremendous shifts in consciousness. Art, music, dance, culture, poetry, storytelling, film, technology, environment, science, medicine…the list goes on and on, where will you share your vision for global impact?

Even so, let’s say after all the creative potential existing inside of you right now is expressed into the world, what does it all mean anyway? Can we reach our death knowing we fully participated in life, encouraging creative purpose from within ourselves and others? Asking ourselves, “Did I live in alignment with my values and principles? Have I been useful?” 

Perhaps those are the very questions we have been seeking all along. Is our creative purpose actually to live in alignment with our values and principles? The values that mimic the baleen of whales, filtering through the waters of principle to capture only the concepts, ideas, and inspirations that are nourishing to our internal systems of life. 

the Answers Are Within You

I’ll leave you with this last question as a source for deeper contemplation. What does it mean to be useful? For your heart, breath, consciousness, energy, resource, gifts, talents, body, mind, emotions, voice, etc. to be utilized in a way that ripples true progress across and throughout your inner world and thus, into the outer world we inhabit together. 

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