February 2021 Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read the Joan of Sparc February Horoscopes with Astrology insights and mantras for your sun and rising signs, written by one of our trusted resident Astrologers... Niki Sue Mueller! Not sure what your astrology signs are? Click here to find out.


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Mantra: I am stepping into expanded awareness of myself

Welcome into the flow cardinal Aries. February is a great month to be social, as the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury party in your 11th house of groups. Mercury in retrograde will likely spark a review of friendships and inspire communication. This could include possibly revisiting a past conversation that was meant to happen. With Venus in the mix, a past love may resurface. Though, think twice about how you’d like to proceed; Mercury in retrograde is asking you to slow down and think. Waiting until the end of the retrograde later in the month is recommended to move forward based on thoughtful reflection. 

Your ruling planet Mars is in the vitality of Taurus now which will give you a break from the intensity of the past 6 months while Mars was in his domicile in Aries. Mars doesn’t necessarily like being in Taurus because he is asked to slow it down. Use this to your advantage. Take time to be practical and committed when foreseeing and building your new foundations. 

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th brings in a bit of emotion as the Moon joins the stellium of the aforementioned planets in this social area of your chart in this very communal sign. In what ways could you be seen in groups that move forward your commitment to your community, family and friends? This is a great time to have a ritual to envision where you would like to participate in the bigger picture of the collective.

The Uranus in Taurus Saturn in Aquarius square on February 17th will give a shake-up to your ideas of yourself, highlighting things that you may want to change. The Moon conjunct Uranus will give a bit of emotion to the recipe. The tug of war between wanting to move forward, break free, and liberate to the Saturn energy of moving slowly with concise action will require balance. Cultivate the practical energy of Taurus to take thoughtful action. 

The Sun entering Pisces along with Venus nearer to the end of the month will lend an inclination to caring for your body, getting you in touch with your deeper spirituality, and perhaps tapping you into the area of romance. Keep an eye on your relationships and how to care for them tenderly.

The Full Moon on the 27th can inspire you to reflect on your health, your relationships, and how to move forward with a sense of thoughtful flow. Virgo gives great ideas on how to analyze and make a plan. Harness this vigor to move forward practically.



Mantra: I manifest in my work.

Welcome to February Taurus! It is time to take the bull by the horns. At the beginning of the month, your tenth house of work, reputation, and career is lit up with the energy of Aquarius and a massive stellium of the sun joined by Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. This brings light, love, and an abundance of innovation to your career and your work in the world. You are being asked to step out of the conventional ways of doing and into a more contemporary form. This is a time for you to basque in the embrace of your home planet, Venus as she joins this stellium lending value, love and attraction. 

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius may shed light on innovative ways in which you can do your work in the world. Tap into your deeper intuition to review what needs to be adapted or shifted to progress forward. On the New Moon, February 11th, you may plant a seed of intention toward the path that most aligns with what you’d like to do in the outer world. With the moon joining all of the Aquarius planets, you can bring your whole heart into the ideas for your future. 

Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius on the 17th will encourage you to break out of your shell and your need for constant security and rise to the occasion stepping out in the world with your brilliance and expertise. With your ruling planet Venus along with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius there is a sense of abundance, value, and clarity to what you are creating as long as you can break free of your outdated mode of operation.

When the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th you have a wonderful opportunity to connect socially though you may find yourself being more internal. This could be on social media and through groups related to your work, family, or community. Work isn’t always your career, your larger work in the world. Yogi’s call this your ‘dharma’, what you are compelled to do, and how you contribute to the world. An abundance of creativity with a sense of compassion for others a palette of great ideas awaits you. Collaborations are key in your new ventures. Mercury exiting his retrograde shortly thereafter should provide a push of strong mental energy, forward-thinking, and great communication possibilities. Venus joining the Sun is a lovely occasion to partner and use the positive communication possibilities. Venus is your home turf as your ruling planet. Like a chess piece, she weaves in and out of these two signs of community and break-through genius. Harness her energy because you know how to!

As the Full moon hits Virgo at the end of the month you are reminded to break free and step into your full self in ways that previously self-limiting habits haven’t allowed you. Mars and Uranus in your first house are saying go do it even though your theme is slow and steady wins the race, realize your passion and build what is needed to step into your full essence. The moon will inspire your creativity and Virgo will organize what you need to do to push it forward.



Mantra: I think therefore I am.

Gemini, your ruling planet Mercury is speaking to you as he is in his retrograde in another Air sign. Use your familiarity with its powerful communicative energy to gain insight. Keep alert for messages coming to you that give you discernment into the direction you are going. There could be a feeling of anxiety and overthinking that comes along with this. Use your connecting tools to navigate through this such as journaling, meditation, and yoga. Remember how bright you are and know that not everything will happen as quickly as you like. 

A stellium of planets in Aquarius including the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus is lighting up your ninth house of the teacher, study, education, faith, travel, and culture. Venus joining up with these planets will bring a sense of beauty and value in these areas. You may likely be engaged in studying, writing, or traveling. While travel might be restricted for you at this time, virtual connecting may be a respite. Perhaps, you will be diving into a teaching role you haven’t done before or exploring new teachers, subjects, and cultures. It is a great time to dive into your thirst for knowledge based on what tugs on your heartstrings.

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th invites a new way of looking at things in the world bringing in a modern perspective. This could be a new direction in your career or stepping into a new way of doing things within your work and career based on your truth of who you are and what you are waking up to in this lifetime. Your passion for travel is highly stimulated at this time, however, Hygeia, the asteroid of health is opposing Saturn in your 3rd and 9th house asking you to consider your health first and have some patience. 

Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus square on the 17th emphasizing stubborn fixed energy asking to be broken free. Move past outdated limiting beliefs and behaviors into a more expansive mindset. Consider the ways that you are being held back so that you can move forward and progress. The tension of a square is always the best opportunity for growth and change. Don’t resist it!

The Sun will move into Pisces later in the month and shine light on your work bringing much creativity and a focus on what you are doing in the public realm. How are you communicating your message? Mercury exiting his retrograde at the end of the month will help to move this forward. You are a wonderful steward of words and communication. Shine that brilliance out into the world so others can benefit from your knowledge. Venus will also join the Sun and Neptune in Pisces further applying a sense of value, affection, and manifestation to the creativity in your work and public life. 

At the end of the month when the full moon is in Virgo, you may be adjusting or changing things on the homefront. Perhaps, you simply might organize your space to be more productive and clear and all those wonderful Gemini ideas can manifest and grow! Virgo will help your busy mind organize and layout your plans in a strategic way.



Mantra: I feel the weight of the collective.

Oh, my nurturing crab you are in for a transformational change in areas of shared finances, business, real estate, sex, joint ventures, psychology, and in the more mystical realms. This energy is ignited by a stellium of Aquarius planets this month packed into your 8th house. Venus joins the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury in retrograde, all in Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian. There is expansive energy of progressing with love and affection while maintaining boundaries and encouraging a review of the past in order to move forward with a radically different approach. Venus may highlight your interpersonal relationships, whether it is in joint business, real estate, or perhaps even sexual partnerships. Magic could happen in your love life with this energy. This could be a new relationship or a fresh feel to your current one. Tap into the power of Venus. She will add a well-needed tone of beauty, love, and sweetness.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11 will summon you to connect into your deep intuitive watery superpower to imagine the changes you are making and the partnerships that will assist in this process. Invite guidance and nurturing; something you’re already an expert at. It is time to receive though you prefer to give. 

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus is asking you to take action even though you may feel stuck in the fixed energy of these two signs. Break free from self-limiting patterns that hold you back from becoming your unique self. It’s time to make a change. Use your cardinal energy to realize the ways you are lingering and then move forward with strength and endurance.

Sun entering Pisces on the 18th will give you great creativity in working with your truth and how you see the world. You may find yourself wanting to study or teach something that represents who you are truly are. A search for knowledge, deeper learning, and examining your spirituality will all be available to you. You might be wanting to take a journey at this time. Use your creative mind to envision what you want to immerse yourself in. Have a strategy and when it's time, you will be ready to follow your dreams!

The Full Moon in Virgo at the end of the month may give you a boost in sorting out ways you communicate and any aspect of your mind. This is a great time to reflect on what you would like to convey to others, in work and out into the world. Harness the practical Virgo energy and consider what resources for getting your message out are available to you.



Mantra: I shine my light out with love.

Leo, master of all things romantic, February has some special plans for you in the area of relationships as the vast energy of the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus set up shop in your 7th house of significant partnerships. This may not all be about love, but, Venus's entry into Aquarius will bring an amorous spirit into this pack of planets. Aquarius likes to look at the big picture and act in ways that are radically different than the norm. Perhaps, looking into ways you have been collaborating and what social interactions are helping you to manifest your aspirations. This can be on a romantic level, in business, legal issues, or even with family members. A highly social time to step into your mastery around relationships and innovate for future synthesis. 

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th will highlight this area of what you would like to achieve and grow in significant relationships. Know that you are able to meet others in a harmonious level and step forward with the intention to bring beauty to whatever you are ruminating on for maturation.

Valentines Day could be a fun romantic Day for you. With Mercury still in his retrograde and conjunct Jupiter along with Venus on this day, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity for thoughtful discourse. In addition, the retrograde might draw your attention to a past love or a review of your current relationship. This conjunction invites endless possibilities in communication and feels deeply connected. 

The Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus around the 17th of the month will bring a bit of tension in how you are fixed in your behaviors and patterns. This might be around your reputation or work and partners. Try to liberate your static ways and venture into the flow with a sense of self and courage. 

The Sun's entry to Pisces on the 18th will highlight your creativity related to partners, joint ventures, and transformational change. Your psychology is a key component here. Harness the compassion of Pisces and wrap your big heart in love as you take a deep look at what can change to progress forward with enthusiasm and a modified perspective. Venus will add to the creativity in this area toward the end of the month as she moves into the energy of Pisces along with Neptune and the Sun. This feels like a deep mystical connection with others or even yourself and who you truly are. 

Mercury direct on the 20th can give momentum toward anything you have been thinking and reflecting on in his retrograde. Jupiter's nearby presence brings a sense of abundance in what you are moving forward at this time. 

The Full Moon in Virgo at the end of the month will be a reflection on your values, finances, and how you are working and using your expertise. The Virgo moon will give you ideas on how to organize what you are wanting to manifest deep in your heart!



Mantra: I serve to honor my light within.

Likely you are feeling the energy of Mercury in retrograde at this time considering it is your ruling planet, sweet Virgo. While this may be very receptive energy for you, it also can cause some anxiousness and a tendency to over-analyze. Tap into the mercurial energy that you know so well and use it to your advantage as you use this time for internal review. 

On February 1, Venus will join the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter in your 6th house. Luckily Virgo the 6th house is your jam and you feel at home in the earth's energy. This will highlight your health, work, daily tasks, service to others, and even pets. Venus brings a welcome energy to these areas adding a sense of joy, peace, and beauty. 

New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th brings visionary energy for what you want to manifest with Pallas Athena joining up with the lunation. This is a beautiful energy to plant the seeds for what you want to grow moving forward.

Jupiter and Mercury Conjunct on Valentine's Day brings romantic energy in your way. Is there a past love you’ve been thinking about? Perhaps a future love romance is about to walk through your door or a new spark with your current relationship may be in order. If you have children this looks like communicating your deep affection for them in some sweet way. 

Saturn square Uranus on the 17th will bring a fixed energy tension between what you are building and manifesting and what is open to you in the future. Use your mutable energy to adapt your patterns and adjust any fixed ideas that are preventing you from being in your flow.

When Sun enters Pisces on the 18th of the month this will shine a light on your relationships. What partnerships need nurturing and development? Where can you serve others in your relationships? This may be on a spiritual level. You may even take a look at your relationship with the divine. 

Mercury out of retrograde soon after will bring a forward motion to the cultivation of harmony to your partnerships and to your work and the way you show up in the world. Venus joining up the Sun in Pisces shortly thereafter will add value to the story. Getting intimate with your own heart and what matters the most so that you develop spiritually may be an important theme. 

At the end of the month, you will feel at home with the Full Moon in your sign. This is a time to reflect deeply on what you are willing to shed to create the new life you are seeking. How do your relationships allow you to be who you truly are? Are you taking care of your body? Your health? This is a perfectly aligned moon for you to assess, plan it out and get ‘er done!


Mantra: I balance to create harmony.

Coming into February you will likely feel the energy of mercury in retrograde in Aquarius, as it is in your element, air. This is great energy to strategize in areas of romance, children, hobbies, pastimes, and leisure. This feels like either communicating a message to children or even revisiting of childlike vitality that keeps it light for you. Having fun in your activities is highly encouraged at this time. Sun and Jupiter are also lending great energy to social outlets. Venus entering the mix in Aquarius activates a real focus on fun and lighthearted energy. Diving into activities and hobbies can be a great way to express this energy.

The New Moon on the 11th will be a great day to create a new vision toward what you want to cultivate in your love life, your creative world, and your activities. This could also be your attention and vision for your children or even a strategic way to healing your inner child to move to a space of joy and happiness for yourself.

On Valentines Day Jupiter and Mercury come together and will bring a sense of expanding creativity to healthy communication. Perhaps it's time to have a sweet conversation with a loved one, your parents, or any other influential people in your life. Partners are your jam and connecting is a wonderful way to use this energy.

Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus demands action in the areas that are creating tension between radical self-expression and your fixed ways of thinking. It's time to break free so that you can harness true happiness. This square will highlight what has been standing in the way of you moving forward to create joy in your life. Lean in and learn to see things with fresh eyes.

The Sun’s entry to Pisces on the 18th will light up your area of everyday work, health, and service to others. Perhaps a new job will manifest for you. A new motivation toward health and spirituality. Pisces will lend an air of creativity to your everyday tasks and how you approach your health. Mercurys position direct soon after will assist your mind and give clarity to your next step moving forward. Soon after, Venus will enter Pisces lending more energy to your creative projects and giving a sense of value to them. 

Full Moon on the 27th in the sign of Virgo may bring quieter energy to you and you might be compelled to retreat. This is a great time for you to reflect on your physical and mental health. This is a good time to look inward and consider what it means to be in a place of wellness. A sense of self-love and nurturing will allow you to be in best service to others. Resting your active mind may just create a bit of space to restore your brilliant energy.



Mantra: I deeply transform to evolve.

You may be re-evaluating your relationship to your home, family, roots, parents, and your past as Mercury in retrograde is happening in your 4th house of home, roots, and parents. You are invited to look deeply into how your experience has shaped and affected you. There is an opportunity to process some deep psychological information offered to you at this time. Healing on a psychological level is being highlighted here. Along with Mercury, The Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn will all be in the energy of Aquarius giving rise to the urgency of what is coming up for you from the past? Re-thinking what you have learned from the past and what makes you feel safe and secure to progress forward. You may open your mind to a radical new vision.

This is amplified on the New Moon on the 11th giving a push to create something new within your home, family, and private life. This isn’t just home life but could be an actual new home. Perhaps, you are wanting to remodel an area of your home? You may also be experiencing a change in your parental relationship or forming new relationships with family from the past. This could be your actual birth family or maybe it is re-creating a new family of your own, soul or otherwise. An intention to build your tribe is a wonderful ritual for this lunation.

Valentines Day brings peaceful communication with Jupiter conjunct Mercury. This brings a bit of expanding energy into your relationships, particularly within your family. Your 4th house is not only physical homes but, the home in your heart. How are you cultivating your relationship with yourself? This is a great time to love and nurture yourself.

The 17th hails in the Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus highlighting fixed energy that tends to keep us stubborn. This is a battle for you to be truly yourself and how you show up in partnerships. Where do you need to break free from any self-negating fixed ideas preventing you from truly coming home to the center of your own heart? Are there any relationships that you may need to break free of or transform to honor yourself in your highest truth? It is an important time to take a look at this. The Fixed energy of the signs involved along with your fixed Scorpio energy will make it a challenge to create change. Lean into the change and let the transformational energy that you are so good at take charge.

The Sun in Pisces on the 18th of the month will bring a bit of lightness, joy, and creative self-expression for you. Connecting to your hobbies, children, art, and pleasure are magnified at this time. Do the things that bring you joy in your emotional self. What feeds you? Connect to that which brings you happiness. Mercury exiting his retrograde soon after will bring forward moving energy and you may be inspired to take a short leisurely trip. Perhaps a nearby road trip could add some fun to your pallet.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 27th will give a bit of reflection in the area of your friends, community, and groups. Perhaps, the info you reflected on in the retrograde gave you information on what ways you can be of service in your community. Perhaps, you will participate in a way in the community through technology. Are you wanting to connect more during this time but feel limited because of the current world structures around the pandemic? Maybe taking a larger role virtually is a possibility for you.


Mantra: I stand in my truth.

Mercury retrograde at the start of this month is landing in your third house of the mind, communication, siblings, short distance travel, reading, and writing. You may feel stifled because of the current circumstances of the world. How can you harness your adventurous nature to fulfill your inherent need to travel? Perhaps, reading an exciting novel can bring your compelling need for adventure forward. 

Venus joining the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Aquarius will add an enormous amount of creativity in the ways you are utilizing your bright mind. Ideas are abundant for you. The wisdom that you have garnered is elevated at this time and may be great for group projects or anything that you are working on to bring out into the collective. Tap into your inner guidance and truth. Let that carve your path so that you can bring your bright ideas into the world. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th is the perfect time to solidify your projects and initiate something innovative, new, and radically different. Venus will add value, joy, and beauty to this.

When Jupiter and Mercury come together on Valentine's Day, you will have wonderful energy to communicate your wisdom out. This feels like the world is your oyster and ready to experience your incredible knowledge. Use this energy to figure out what platforms of expression are most useful to you.

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus on the 17th will create tension in fixed energy. The square indicates an action regarding your talents and how you are communicating out what you believe. Any dogmatic ways of thinking are asking to be changed. You are allowed to let this tension break you free from self-limiting and outdated thoughts. Utilize this square to your advantage by letting go of self negativing ways of acting and thinking.

The Sun in Pisces on the 18th will shine a light on your family and home life. It is important to balance your private life and how you show up in the world. Is this in alignment with your home in your heart? Venus joining up here in Pisces at the end of the month may give you the energy toward creating beauty in your space of home and hearth. Nurturing your body is also a great way to manifest this energy. Just make sure you are tending to yourself while you engage in all of your unique endeavors.

The Full moon on the 27th is a portal of reflection on how you are showing up in the bigger picture. The full moon inspires an adjustment of what may need to change to come out into view with all of your wisdom. From the lessons that you have learned, use practical Virgo to carve a course for your place in the world.



Mantra: I move steadily and consistently to accomplish my goals.

Capricorn this is a great time to focus on your resources and how to utilize your committed energy to create from what you value. Mercury in retrograde allows you to re-evaluate what is essential, how you make your money, and how you manifest your reality through your ability to deeply focus. 

Venus joins a posse of Aquarius planets such as the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter which affords a beautiful, loving, and magnetizing energy to a radically different approach to finances, what you value, and a deep sense of the self. This is social energy, adding partnership harmony to your own talents. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th will amplify this energy. There is an abundance of love, expansion, thoughtfulness, structure, and radical self-expression in how you create your life. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring forward what you have been focusing on long term. Plant the seeds of your intention and let the expansive energy bring innovation to your plan.

Mercury and Jupiter joining together on the 14th may usher in opportunities for loving conversation and connection. Venus will bring values to the table and the discourse. Celebrate the beauty of the earth. Active Venus will promote an appreciation for the earth, good food, and comfort. Take some time to enjoy the great outdoors or a fine meal with a loved one. Finance could be highlighted at this time. If you have been struggling with thoughts about your monetary situation, on this day, there is a bright light that is guiding you to your bounty. Follow this direction and lean in with a value mindset.

Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus on the 17th highlights fixed energy that can result in stubbornness for you. Be patient and practical and take a look where you can change your method to shed outdated habits or behaviors that are not allowing you to expand and grow. 

The Sun moving into Pisces on the 18th will give a loving spirit to tapping into what is important to you, and how you spread your loving energy to others. This may assist you in creating what you are planning with help from Mercury moving forward only a few days later. Venus joining up in Pisces on the 25th is a welcome partner as she brings love, joy, peace, and a collaborative vigor into the mix.

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th will shed light on your higher truth. This is an offering to reflect on the direction you are headed. Virgo will help you with a practical plan moving forward. Is there a journey you want to take at this time? Perhaps, the journey is something that you have wanted to learn or study or even teach. Tap into your well of wisdom and use the Virgo moon to manifest the direction you want to go and expand into the future.



Mantra: I serve humanity in my own unique way.

Mercury in retrograde in your home sign is bringing in a plethora of information to your unique mind. What have you been reflecting on in terms of decision making, analyzing, and communicating that reflects who you are? It is a perfect time for you to shine with the Sun as he is in the Aquarius energy along with Mercury in retrograde, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus. You are at home. Relish in the innovative and genius energy of this beautiful sign. The abundant energy of Jupiter is saying, “the sky is the limit”.

All of these planets, together in your sign, are adding magnetizing and abundant energy to who you are and how others see you. Venus will bring light to your beauty and others will notice and be attracted to you. There is no hiding your charm, brilliance, and unique mind from the outside world, you are being asked to step into yourself and bring it out for all to see. Aquarius is about garnering a bigger vision. Now is the time to let these energies guide you to your whole self. The New Moon on the 11th will lend a novel perspective toward how you will step into yourself. This is a wonderful time to use the familiar energies to create and innovate with all of the care and love that you can bring into the collective. 

Valentines Day invites an opportunity to communicate with wisdom with Jupiter and Mercury coming together in Aquarius. This will be a wonderful day for you romantically or even an authentic communion with yourself. 

Saturn In Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus will create tension in fixed signs. Considering one end of this is in your sign, you are accustomed to this energy. Don’t fall prey to stubbornness. Since both Saturn and Uranus are your ruling planets this is like a battle of breaking free and restraint. What boundaries are suitable at this time? Where do you need to break free from fixed ideas so that you can create with abundance? Making an effort to be adaptable will help you along the way. Be open to change on a personal level and invite opportunities that reflect who you are.

The Sun in Pisces will give a creative vibe to your work and possibly to your finances. Your values are highlighted and you’ll want to align them with a sense of compassion, love, and self-worth as you shine in all of your talents. Mercury moving direct shortly thereafter will lend a helping hand to move forward with a strong expansive mind.

Full Moon in the energy of Virgo on the 27th could be a request for an adjustment in your finances and joint resources. It's a great time to reflect on your values and if the investments you’ve made and the partnerships that you are involved in are working for you. Assess and move forward with practicality. Tap into your incredible ability to see the whole picture to move your innovation forward.



Mantra: I believe in the voice of the collective.

Oh, sweet Pisces, you are a spiritual warrior and with the Sun fastly approaching your sign, you are ready to shine. The Pisces energy is concerned with all life on earth but, it is also a reminder to not neglect yourself and honor your brilliant loving energy. 

Mercury retrograde in your 12th house may be a deep reflection of your past, previous experiences, or any karma that you may have accumulated. This can be a dark place. Try to conceptualize with maturity and in the context of moving forward with wisdom, compassion, love, and all the creativity that you inspire.

Enter Venus in Aquarius at the start of the month joining Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter. This packed humanitarian stellium feels like a huge opportunity for you to bring healing into the community and society. Service through work with disparate groups, finding a connection spiritually, and spreading a compassionate message is on deck for you. This may include extending your service through the internet and using technology to contribute in some way. 

The New Moon on the 11th will amplify this energy as the Moon joins all of these planets in Aquarius. Innovations coming from the heart are available to you. This is a great time to conjure up your most radical dreams and through your creative genius, the plans flow. A new moon ritual and/or meditation can be a great way for you to dive into this energy.

Valentines Day will host a Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter and Venus in your 12th house. This feels like a very spiritual placement. This could be a nice time to deeply connect with loved ones past or present and with your guides. You may consider having a ceremony of some sort to celebrate the love in your heart. 

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus on the 17th is an agitating transit between two fixed signs. This is a break free energy in stepping into what you want to create and the tension is asking you to break out of the part of yourself that wants to hide under the covers. This is a good time to take a look at what is of value to you and move forward with any changes that are in alignment with that.

When the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th it is time to shine your creative light in the outer world. What have you been diving into artistically that is ready to be displayed in public? Is there something that you want to communicate out in your loving and magical way? What are you building at this time? The Sun in your sign may give you the creativity and zeal to bring forth what you are creating.

On the 27th the Full Moon in Virgo will shine a light on your relationships. Virgo is asking you to assess what a healthy relationship is and if it is in alignment with your higher self. This might be a time where you let go or press pause on any partnerships that are not feeding your soul. Assessing what is aligned with your integrity and a higher spiritual path will assist in recognizing that which you may want to let go of. The analytical and practical energy of Virgo can give you clues of how to proceed with a well thought out plan. Enjoy!


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