Welcome to an Intense Full Moon in Virgo 


In opposition to the full Moon in Virgo, the energy of the Sun in Pisces permeates all throughout  this time. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, representing all that our souls have learned on their journey through each of the astrological signs.  


The current moment is reflected in the highly spiritual energy of Pisces, archetypically ready to sacrifice itself for others and serve as a bridge to the collective and individual unconscious. Bliss and pain are at our fingertips depending on our life choices when we accept or reject the values that our Self is offering to us.


The energy of Virgo is very practical, dedicated, perfection-seeking, and is inclined to be of service to others in practical ways. 


A Tension of Opposites


On this full Moon, we will likely feel the tension between the opposing energies of the Virgo moon and the Piscean Sun. While Pisces is idealistic, Virgo is practical. When Virgo wants to classify and make sense of information, Pisces wants to dissolve it so we can see the truth behind the data.


On the 27th of February, the full Moon in Virgo is at the apex of a YOD, or what we call in astrology “the finger of God”. As one of the most relentless patterns there is, the YOD is a very pointed triangle formed by two quincunxes (150 degrees) and one sextile (60 degrees). This particular YOD is set up by the Moon, Saturn, and Chiron, and creates a very intense dynamic between our need to be practical and to feel secure with changes that we may be experiencing regarding structure. This is especially true in our social environment, along with our own sensitivity and empathy towards others. 


If this is the case, please remember that it doesn’t matter how intense it may feel, the intensity will eventually wear off and new clarity will be around the corner just a few days away.


Conflicts and the Unpredictable


Another important aspect of this full Moon in Virgo is the square between Pluto and Mars. With this aspect, it would be better if we avoid conflicts during this time (which could become volatile). We may also feel a lack of energy during the next week or so. If that’s the case, use your energy wisely, avoid useless arguments that may lead to an output of energy that you may need later.


We can not forget about our unpredictable friend Uranus. Uranus is in a trine with the Moon and a sextile to the Sun. This configuration requires us to be flexible and open to new ideas. 


Let’s flow and explore the gifts life is presenting to us at the moment.


Bringing Order to Chaos


One of the themes of the year is the square Saturn/Uranus, with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. In synthesis, we have the opportunity to bring order into the Aquarian chaos. There is a new need to be structured and grounded in our approach. If our visionary ideas are not grounded, they will simply remain nice ideas. 


Remember, transits are temporal, emotions come and go, and impulsivity is not a good companion. Remember who you are and who you want to be. Be faithful to your pure heart, to the knowledge and understanding you have, and keep on learning, one step at a time.


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