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It’s as if the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini illuminates the world we once knew for the last time before the great cosmic wind of Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction in Aquarius mid-December. Read astrology insights for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse from our trusted JOS Astrologer, Genevieve Sky. 


Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


As a known era of our lives and collective human history closes, may we wake to the emerging dawn with intuitive vision, great spirit, and the revolutionary imperative that is entering our lives. How is this Full Moon expanding your perspective? 


What is it time to let go of? The last series of Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses was from December 2010 to November 2012. Can you link something you’re learning or seeing more clearly now with that period? 


What interests you? Notice the rhythm of your breath and speech. Pay attention to your inquisitiveness and natural delight. May our hearts and speech become intimate friends so we can tend to the power of expression and communication in all forms. 


Not only is this Full Moon a lunar eclipse it’s also on the same axis of the lunar nodes (Gemini-Sagittarius through January 2022). It will raise the volume of the nodes’ whispers, such as:


Recollect a light and poetic touch with gentle mischievous humor. 


This Full Moon as we witness intensity and challenge may we delight in our perception, consciousness, reflection, and the chatter of water, and song. The river of mind dances in reverence of fearless confidence in the face of great change. Hold lightly whatever appears in the kaleidoscope of the moon’s glow. 


Cleaning The Heart


Venus in Scorpio urges that we feel into who we are, the emotional truths beneath the surface of superficial consciousness. It is this willingness to feel our interiors, into the darkness and shadows we may prefer to neglect, that will pronounce our availability to the joyfulness and cunning that is available this eclipse. 


The more we can empty our hearts’ as we edge up to a new world, the clearer and more creative a transition we’ll make, together. May we experience the alchemy of loving ourselves and others deeply through presence. Clean the heart to light the way.


Gentleness At Dawn


A square from Neptune in Pisces to the North Node in Gemini paints another image. While we look towards creatively upending the status quo in our lives and communities, Neptune inspires a new kind of listening and speaking for months to come. 


Stay vigilant in recalling that imputations of reality inevitably conflict. Notice emotional attitudes informed by subconscious content. Notice if perception shrinks or is skewed in connection with what is felt or evaded. Trust your uncertainty and confusion. 


Neptune encourages that we hold space for when we or others may feel like victims. At the same time, can we swim more deeply in Neptune’s pure waters for a clearer vision inspired by our imaginative powers and unconditional loving awareness? The God of the Sea introduces a kind of knowing where the knower dissolves in the realm of sea and space. A poetic algorithm not glued to thought-forms. 


Let Go


Let down your hair (ie worldview or speech patterns), rest without agenda, and notice what intuitively arises. Neptune keeps us close to our dreams and the dreams and hearts of others, stirring the imaginative potential of our communities. 


We can hold the change, chaos, and destruction we face with a gentleness and imaginative eye that trusts what we face now is clearing the way for new way of life. 


With Mars’ in Aries stationing direct mid-November, and the fiery soul of Sagittarius season, we have the courage and vigor to face whatever inner and outer chaos erupts. Heed Neptune’s spirit and Gemini’s cunning to tune to the joy, energy, and messages of the cosmos. Recollect humor. What is that to you?


Holding tenderness and cunning simultaneously the twins cannot be conned. Look directly, supported by Mars in Aries passion and softened by the unknown abyss of Neptune’s creative light. 


Lunar Eclipse Ritual


  1. Choose an object that compels you. 
  2. Give it a voice. Free-write for 15 minutes from the perspective of that object on your world. 
  3. Highlight the parts of the free-write that stand out to you. What makes the object laugh?
  4. Share it with someone or to the wind if you like. 



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