In Kinship, We Rise

The dream is manifest. We are incredibly grateful, ecstatic and awed to utter, “The Joan of Sparc Kickstarter is fully funded!” From the edge, we graciously watched as your support poured in until the very end. Your pledge is a gift, and a gesture of your commitment to elevating women everywhere. Here is to the women you know, those you love, and those you have yet to meet. The JOS team is humbled to share this path with you.

We are not afraid, we were born to do this.

We come from all walks to arrive at this intersection.

Pregnant with our becoming.

We do not fall apart, we fall together and rise.

Together we dreamt this.

Collectively, we catalyze.

When we attune to our interior life, we become the source of liberation for our world. We fuel this shift by living in thoughtful affirmation of How and Who We Are Being Matters. We come together to unleash the power of consciously bearing witness to ourselves and each other. The guide is not outside of you; together, we ignite the guide within. We are the revolution of feminine consciousness where every woman is empowered and free.

We are home in our sister's arms.

In Joan of Sparc, we take the opportunity to remember, to honor, to recover the ancient healing power and energizing lineage of female kinship. Modern life is flush with unexamined paths that disconnect and disempower. We know these women, at times, we are these women. Collaborative examination and exchange heartens, fortifies, and inspires our spirit as a potent force for change. Through feminine connection, we reclaim our birthrights; joy, vitality, autonomy, transformation, pleasure, and abundance.

In kinship, we steep in the sweetness of protected surrender.

Let us invite critical reflection of how we consume the world around us; Or, maybe, how we allow it to consume us. As our truths rise to the surface, we notice and take inventory. We shed and dissolve what is no longer serving us. The shed becomes our fuel as we burn towards our authentic expression. When our knowledge seeking shifts from the external to inner knowing, we become the body in knowledge. Side by side, we plunge into the duality of our nature and experience.  

Poised, we are vulnerability in strength.

In the belly of this modern and foreboding time, we rejoice and find resilience in the sacred feminine. We call forth our ancestral mothers and summon their sage wisdom, ancient story, and blessed ritual. That lucid, penetrating brilliance, woven generation by generation to cloak us with the vital knowledge to persevere.

Charged, we wax towards our radiance.

As we enter this season of the interior, the time between worlds, we root in honest reflection of our Being in place and time. What are we harvesting? What are we allowing to decay and return to nourish us? As we move into the darkness, remember, your ember has been, and is always, within waiting for the breath of your tender acknowledgment.

In Solidarity,


What Sparcs you? Fruitful investigation begins with intentional questioning, observation, and examination. We want to hear from you. The human experience is messy and provocative, so why would our conversations be any different? As we move forward what topics, ideas, and questions would you like to delve deeper into?  What voices and perspectives would you like to illuminate? Write us, we want to share your voices; the voices of Joan.