Welcome to 2021! We are embarking on a fresh new year… one that will keep us spirited, on our toes, and continue to support the depth of work we began in 2020 (the journey of this decade is one for heroes and heroines)! If 2021 were a mixed tape, it might sound quite eclectic, uplifting even, with some poignant Beethoven woven in to ignite the three powerful notes of the Saturn/Uranus Square Cycle in February, June, and December. Here’s to the power of cosmic forces inviting us to forge ahead with an instilled vision of the future to be revealed from the heart of our hearts. Please read for your Sun and Rising Sign… Enjoy!



Mantra: I am becoming my vision.

Happy New Year to the Aries warrior clan! Your presence in the zodiacal universe represents the beginning of Spring, thus you are a cardinal sign gracing us with eternal rebirth and possibility. May you remember this throughout 2021 and as you set your intention for the highly transformative and power-packed new moon on January 12th. This year begins with encouragement for bringing your vision into materialization. Inner dialogue themes may circulate around your relationship to your work and how you are shifting from what you should do into what you want to do. Freedom beckons and this month, you will have the opportunity to exercise it.

Your ruling sign of Mars gives you an empowering boost of self-confidence before igniting your second house of resources when it moves into Taurus on January 6th. What occurs mid-month will be note-worthy and expect the unexpected with the Mars/Uranus conjunction squaring Jupiter/Saturn in your 11th house on January 20th. Whatever the outcome, it won’t be what you imagined and will also influence your experience of sharing your self-expression with the world. These themes shall reoccur throughout the year so exercise your favorite virtue… that of patience.

A relationship with an authority figure may be up for an internal review on your part. Let your mind naturally expand in seeking solutions to obstacles that are revealed. Cheers to you for your bold nature and your effort in refining your energy into useful form. Now is the time to do the work that is asked of you for your dreams to become a reality.



Mantra: I am transforming.

Happy New Year to you dear Taurus of Venusian force! 2021 initiates a very potent jolt of change for you. You are undergoing a radical shift in your perception of self which may cause some anxiety initially. However, you can channel this lightning fire as you attempt to satiate your thirst for knowledge. Perhaps more than ever before you are seeking to redefine your value system in relation to “the truth”. Seeking truth requires deep and vital assessment of what you understand to be false and this should keep you busy for some time.

You become a student of life and with every lesson learned you may also have the inspiration to integrate this into your work and career. Once you have lived and experienced the unfolding of teachings from within you, the seeds of sharing what you have learned may appear. Notice them and ask yourself in what ways may your trials and tribulation be useful for others.

While Mars conjunct Uranus on January 20th shakes up the ways you navigate through this world, new light will bring forth insights unreachable beforehand. Towards the end of January, there may be a new conversation around how to balance your private and public life. Whatever the exploration reveals, your steady nature will bring forth the integration required for full circle understanding. Reach for the stars and let them guide you.



Mantra: I am expanding my mind.

Happy New Year to all the Geminis out there, in here, and everywhere! And a very expansive year it is. New modes of thinking will be prompted through a deep inner exploration around your relationships with self and others. You may begin this month slipping into old ways of being that may make a 180-degree shift by the full moon on January 28th in Leo. The word for you is spectrum in this case, with a front-row seat in observing how you relate with others in your life.

Inner work is the invitation du jour, as your 8th house of psychological transformation is illuminated as we jump into 2021. Not only will this be a recurrent theme for you in the year ahead, the Mars/Uranus conjunction squaring Jupiter/Saturn will ignite a tremble in the unconscious that may take some time to surface. Not to fret, seek the opportunities that fulfill your insatiable desire for knowledge and you will stumble upon keys to uncover those mysteries.

Your mind is scintillated in new ways as Mercury traverses across Aquarius this month leading into a retrograde journey that begins on January 30th. What you discover now will be fodder for a review in depth in February. Pay attention to the subtle hints presented to you in the form of unexpected insights and let this month inspire you into new thought forms and curious contemplations.



Mantra: I am diving deep.

Happy New Year to the Cancerian dancers of the moon… this year kicks off with a bang in your social sphere of influence and groups. Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus in your 11th house will certainly shift the tides of your rhythmic pulse. As a natural homebody, it may be time to rediscover yourself in the mirror of society. Ask questions around how you may be of service to the whole through your daily activities. What you will find may surprise you whether you consciously inquire or simply live into your destiny unfolding.

While you may be thinking about your intimate partnerships early this month, soon your mind will be occupying a deeper realm of self-study. Themes for discovery could be futuristic, ie how the current revelations and learning could have an impact on your friendships and society in general. Be sure to integrate your findings perhaps by keeping a journal for your inner work.

Both the new moon in Capricorn on January 12th and the full moon in Leo on January 28th will offer a significant flow of emotional surges in your personal water world. The new moon conjunct Pluto will call you into the depths of your intimacy and reflect a seachange of possibilities for growth. The Leo moon will be illuminating an expression of your values and principles as Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius pull you into the occult experience in unique and powerful ways. Dive deep and find the freedom your heart desires.



Mantra: I am being of service.

Happy New Year to the Leos on the world stage of life. You are being called to serve your fellow human beings from a place of heart and consideration. What a journey into the objective lens where you are willing to shine the light onto others (all the while knowing you will have your moment again soon)! As the lion of the zodiac, your roar is powerful and your message resounds for all to acknowledge. Now you are motivated by something greater than yourself alone. Let this moment expand the horizons of all your relations.

Getting your ducks in a row and organizing your files will free up some creative space for you. Perhaps start the year off with a guttural cleanse of your drawers and any piles that have been overlooked and notice what you notice in the process. Observe the journey as you clear up any tendrils of the past and watch as the spaciousness arrives perhaps in the form of magnetizing a new partnership of some kind.

Excitement and change erupt when Mars and Uranus come together on January 20th in your tenth house of career and public life. Whatever the circumstance, you are certain to learn from this powerful indication of a plot twist in the making. A full moon in your sign on January 28th forms a triangulation of energetics to work with the shifts in career and how these are affecting your intimate partnerships.



Mantra: I am integrating.

Happy New Year Virgos of the perfect starlit night! Dreams are made of the days to come when your creative self-expression becomes a part of your daily habitual life. Routines are designed to be enhanced not to be left in the boring realm of just the way it is. 2021 is going to spice up your approach to work and service in ways your Virgo mind has never seen before.

A new moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn, conjunct Pluto--- Lord of the underworld, will support powerful access into new depths of creative resourcefulness. You may not recognize some of this energy that you’ll be presented with yet trust you’ll be able to wield it with precision by the end of the month.

This is no ordinary start to a year (although 2020 certainly had its unique initiation for sure) and the magnitude of surprise coming will surge throughout your 9th house of adventure and of the higher mind. New concepts you may have yet considered could challenge ways of thinking and being. Saturn and Jupiter acquiesce in their opposite natures as they continue their journey through Aquarius together in your 6th house of Virgo. These cosmic powers that be are amping up your personal kingdom allowing you to profoundly integrate the vast changes to come with a home-court advantage. Enjoy the ease that comes with support from above.



Mantra: I am rebirthing anew.

Happy New Year to the Libra in your heart! Seeking balance and equanimity is your natural inclination in this life as you came here to embody these principles. With a yearning for harmony on your mind, you will begin this year exploring these Libran themes while rooting into new realms of “home”. What does it mean for you to feel grounded and supported amongst the continuous flow of change that beckons you in these times?

A new moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in your 4th house will invite you to further your capacity and uplevel your responsibility in family matters. Whatever has been an obstacle for you in the past could become a painfully obvious choice point for your inner work in the days ahead. Meanwhile, a blast of new radiant energy may powerfully overcome you in the form of financial gain, explorative intimacy, or both with Mars and Uranus conjunct in your Taurian 8th house. Regardless of how this cosmic fire consumes you, you will definitely feel the transformational churn.

There is a need to create a strong foundation for your immediate future while channeling the urge to self-express your creative impulse. By focusing your brilliance on creating a powerful container, your ability to freely share your inspiration shall exalt those within your vicinity. Saturn and Jupiter have opened a new portal within the gates of Aquarius in your 5th house of creativity and romance. This duo promises new heights of potential that are unimaginable to your old ways of envisioning what’s possible. Go beyond the known and receive the grace awaiting your heartfelt perseverance.



Mantra: I am expressing myself.

Happy New Year to the Scorpionic lovers and deep divers… to the ones who transmute the toxicity of daily life with a natural inclination and ease. Your resourcefulness and ability to track your process into the depths of your being provide you with a unique perspective in the zodiac wheel and mirror of experience. Now is the time to share your voice with the rest of us. To speak into the collective with your transformative nature at the helm, providing insight through the message of your heart.

Begin this year with a self-inventory of the year past. You are a retrospective detective and can utilize the gems of insight you have gleaned as stepping stones for the year ahead. In this way, you can test your values in juxtaposition with what it is you are inspired to share. A new moon conjunct your co-ruler Pluto in Capricorn in your 3rd house of communication will ignite a new power resonant of the depths of your psyche. Take time to approach this with reverence and profound respect as to not speak from a source of manipulation or abuse of said power. 

Your mind will be in exploration of the vast new frontiers found within the familiar. A unique sense of what grounds you and calls you home may begin to unfold with Saturn and Jupiter taking up residence in Aquarius, your 4th house of family and root intuition. It is in your intimate relationships and partnerships that you will feel the lightning bolt of Mars conjunct Uranus on January 20th. Expect the unexpected shifts in the tectonic plates of your current world view and relish in your agility throughout the process.



Mantra: I am healing the past.

Happy New Year to Sagittarius seekers of truth. Valiant as you go, while embracing the glorious aim of the arrow towards self-knowledge, you will also find satisfaction in the opportunity to redesign your routines and daily habits. 

This year begins with a Venusian kiss upon your relationship with self. Rejoice in her beauty and notice your progress within your inner work from the year past. As a keeper of the torch in the path to uncover what is false, you have made great strides by overcoming recent challenges with the buoyancy you’ve been able to cultivate. Keep going!

Your values and principles are illuminated this month, inspiring new inquiry around what is vital to you. This surge of cosmic light will shine into the shadows on the new moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto on January 12th, and reveal where you have been out of integrity with yourself and others. Be gentle with yourself as well as firm in your choices to change from within for a new way of being in the world. 

A new chapter is unfolding in how you share the messages of your spirited nature within the collective. Saturn and Jupiter are powerfully moving through Aquarius in your 3rd house of curiosity, development, and communication gifting you with an expansive opportunity of expression. Get ready for a sea change in how you currently navigate through the mundane aspects of life. With a supercharge ray of Mars conjunct Uranus electricity in your 6th house of service and wellbeing, it is wise to take your self-care seriously while allowing yourself to heal from what has been. As you awaken from the shackles of your past, the mysterious present slowly reveals itself.



Mantra: I am re-sourcing.

Happy New Year Capricorns… this is an ode to you oh captains of the zodiac who climb with great resilience towards fulfilling the aim of the enigmatic inner journey. What a year you have bravely endured with so much radical change filtering through your embodied lens of self. The work continues (and you love it so much) so be sure to take rest and replenish during this continued endurance test of guttural change. 

This is your new moon, nestled up with your favorite Lord of the Underworld, Pluto who fulfills his promise to disrupt the status quo of your self-perception. By now you are learning to dance with this constant upheaval of the psyche but don’t get too comfortable, new depths are en route. With every reveal of the next layer of inner work to process, you are stronger than before, however, there is no time to relax your vigilance in this moment of heated forging from within.

New thoughts will usher in new ways of approaching your internal reference points. The spine of your values and principles will align with a future vision, calling you into a revised articulation of the self in the now. It must be so radical to feel transformation on such deep levels and you will be urged into unexpected realms of self-expression with the Mars conjunct Uranus in your 5th house of creativity and nobility. How will you channel this wildfire into form? Perhaps the full moon on January 28th in Leo will provide you with the inspiration to do just that. Be bold in your requests for what you need as you walk into the invitation to reinvent yourself a new. 



Mantra: I am coming into form.

Happy New Year Aquarians, futurists, and visionaries… this is your year! Though this year may begin with a slow start, the momentum will eventually find you, so enjoy the opportunity to prepare for what is coming---a new vision of life. Saturn and Jupiter have initiated their traverse through your first house of identity and purpose. Now is the time for you to come into form, as  your dreams begin to materialize methodically and with exquisite architecture. 

Deep psychological work is brewing under the surface and with the new moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in your transpersonal 12th house, you will have plenty to discover by going within. Meditate like you mean it, give priority to “me time”, and let the magic unfold. There are blueprints of new worlds accessible to you in the sacred realm of the mysterious inner world.

Pangs of inadequacy can be soothed by expressing your findings with those you trust. Create your pods to healthily socialize, respecting the current limitations while still fulfilling your need to spread the good news. Mars conjunct Uranus in your 4th house could send shock waves of change from your metaphoric sacrum to the crown of your head (vision). This will be a consistent theme throughout 2021 so learn to work with this electric power as a way to materialize your innovative nature. Work it in through meditation and work it out on the dance floor on the Leo full moon on January 28th (perhaps with a special someone) and let your eccentricities shine like glitter as you inspire the world around you!



Mantra: I am courageously being.

Happy New Year Piscean dreamers of the high road, swimming in the sea of profound service! May the beginning of this year illuminate your talents with clarity in how you show up for others. You have been undergoing a depth of transformation in your 11th house of society, friendships, and associations. What comes to mind in reflection upon the circumstances that have forced a new reality in relation to these themes? 

Your fluid nature provides you with a stellar gracefulness that can ease even some of the greatest challenges in your life. Now is the time to share what you have learned and to organize your findings in ways others can benefit---both from mistakes of the past as well as the pure joy of your newfound liberations. 

Throughout this year, your Taurian 3rd house of communication and formative mind will be propelled into an unusual rhythm with the tremble of a Mars conjunct Uranus on January 20th and the squares of Uranus and Saturn in February, June and December. Take note and take heed, watching your tongue as you are both empowered and also tasked with new responsibility for your word and the impact it brings. 

As the ancient wise elder of the zodiac, the transpersonal voyage into the bosom of spirit is a familiar journey for you. Even so, Saturn and Jupiter are taking up residence in your 12th house of Aquarius, that of the unknown and your bridge to other worlds. There is a wealth of insight available to you as you overcome fears by stretching yourself in expansive ways previously uncharted. Be courageous as you swim upstream into the unknown with the support of that which is greater within your heart. 


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