Jupiter Return: Aligned Expansion Every 12 Years: Joan of Sparc

I had heard of (and lived through) the infamous Saturn Return, but I had never heard of a Jupiter Return. With Jupiter transitioning into Aquarius on December 19th, 2020, I’m on the brink of my next Jupiter Return, a very welcomed expansion in my life. Simultaneously, I’m wrapping up a year of in-depth reflection of the events and lessons the last 12 years have gifted me. Learn what a Jupiter Return is and how it affects you.

What Is Jupiter Return?

The personal Jupiter Return happens roughly every 12 years when Jupiter makes its way around, returning home to the astrological sign it was in at the time of your birth. I learned about this return during my most recent astrology session with Joan of Sparc. This benefic return opens not just a new chapter but rather an entire new volume or phase of life. The essence of this time period is expansive growth.

2008 to 2020: Correlation of Energies 12 Years Apart

Throughout 2020, I’ve often thought back to my life in 2008. I had just moved to LA and was learning how to become an adult. I didn’t have many local friends yet. Plus, I was navigating the freelance lifestyle, which meant social interaction was minimal. Alone in my apartment more so than not, I was typically reading, watching a show, talking on the phone with friends, and immensely daydreaming about the life I wanted to live and create for myself.

It’s a time period I look back upon fondly as I was getting to know myself as a young woman out in the world on her own. That young woman was filled with hope and excitement for her future.

Unknown at the time, leaving my hometown and venturing out on my own was the final key experience I needed to unlock the door to the next volume of my life.

My recent thoughts have been flooded with remembrances from 2008 because I’ve spent most of 2020 mimicking it. What have I been doing during the pandemic? It’s been a pretty steady flow of reading, streaming, zooming, and daydreaming.

I acknowledge that I will look back on this time period with reverence as I was gifted ample time to swim in my own deep well of personal knowledge where I was able to embrace the depths of surrender. I am filled with hope and excitement for my future.

Surrender was the final key experience needed to unlock the door to this next volume of my life.

I have now witnessed a personal correlation of these specific energies of 2008 and 2020. They were the final years in my Jupiter cycle before the next return—the "closing out" year. The rest and reboot year. The reflection year around what I have learned and accomplished throughout the previous 12 years. The “hang tight, it’s coming!” year.

My Jupiter Return Reflection

Understanding these energies more so than ever before, I started recalling what happened in 2009, the year of my last Jupiter Return. Shortly after the year began, the expansion party started. How the events that offered evolution came to be were mystical and unpredictable. I couldn’t have planned it even if I’d tried. The Universe is a far superior writer than me. Everything unfolded naturally, beautifully, and rather quickly. The only thing I had to do was show up wholeheartedly for what was being presented.

Overall, my expansion was centered around spirituality, writing, and producing—my dharma (which translates to sacred purpose).

The entire year was like a master class where I received a brand-new batch of tools to work with.

Spiritually, I had my first astrology reading. I had my first reiki energy healing session. I lit my first affirmation candle. I chanted my first Om Namah Shivaya. I read Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. I found myself on a path that was fueled by my curiosity. I felt aligned, both enthralled and at peace with all I was discovering.

For my master class on writing and producing, I worked as an assistant to a screenwriter and producer (who also happened to be the one who gave me the batch of tools listed above). I read my first script. I got my first associate producer’s credit on a television pilot presentation. I brainstormed character development with him for a rom-com he was writing. I sat in on meetings regarding financing, investors, and marketing. I loved learning about the different facets of the entertainment industry. Again, I felt aligned, both enthralled and at peace with all I was discovering.

What I can now see more clearly after having a better understanding of the astrological timing of my life is that Jupiter essentially said, “Here are your new tools for soul growth evolution. You have the next 12 years to implement them. Good luck!” All of these tools I received during my last Jupiter Return did not just change my life: by using these new tools, I created my life.

The tools were freely given and I did not let this gift of a toolbox slip on by; I put them right to work. I added more producer credits to my resume. I began writing books and television series. I became an entrepreneur by creating affirmation candles, an offering for others also walking down a path of self-love. I did the inner work to clean up past behaviors and patterns. Then I did some more inner work (and then some more because The Inner Journey never truly ends). I found a deeper connection to a higher power and to myself. It was a 12-year journey that unfolded each step along the way. Not a step too soon, not a step too late.

My Jupiter Return Vision For the Future

After all of the reflecting this year, both globally and personally, I realized that if my 2021 mimics my 2009 (like 2020 mimicked 2008) then I’m in for quite possibly the ride of my life—a ride I’ve been excitedly and patiently standing in line for. It’s moving towards me as much as I’m moving towards it.

Learning more about the Jupiter Return has gifted me a higher perspective. Once I stopped wondering (and sometimes worrying about) how everything I’m working on was going to fall into place (which was a noteworthy aspect of my journey with surrender), I cleared the space mentally to accept that this is going to happen whether I like it or not. Expansive growth is on the horizon.

Everything feels timely. I’m itching for new experiences and new relationships. The tools I was previously gifted have been thoroughly used as I chiseled away at the inner and outer work provided to me over the last 12 years. I am wholeheartedly ready for the next advancement of my dharma.

The evolution is always aligned. And with Jupiter, it’s perfectly and auspiciously timed.

I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with the body of work I’m creating. Just talking about it lights me up like a menorah on top of a Christmas tree. Yet I have moments of mental frustration, usually overproduction logistics and timing. Throughout the last few years, I have questioned how I will get this work done when the weight of the workload can feel overwhelming at times.

A few months back during a meditation, I began to see a timeline unfold with a deeper understanding of how everything will fall into place at just the perfect time. My higher self was giving me a strong dose of an anxiety disinfectant by letting me in on some Divine timing insights. The information was coming in quickly so I rushed to grab my computer and began to type the messages I was receiving. An hour later, I had channeled a personal and professional scheduled outline for the next three decades.

Over the last few weeks, as I’ve compared 2008 and 2020, realizing that the year before my Jupiter Return seems to require some personal, quiet time, I thought back to this thirty-year plan delivered from elsewhere. When I pulled up the document, my jaw dropped open in awe. Both 2032 and 2044 (the years before each future Jupiter Return) had scheduled time off. My higher self seems to be up to something, something like leading the way.

Jupiter’s Lesson: Trust the Cycles of Life

Just as it is for all cycles in life, a Jupiter Return requires patience and trust. Patience for it all to unfold and trust that it will do so accordingly. If you’re not sure where you are in your Jupiter cycle, book an astrology reading with Joan of Sparc to discover more.