Libra Full Moon Astrology


The Full Moon is located at 8 degrees and 18 minutes of Libra on March 28 at 12:48 PM MST and is exploding with intensity. The Sun, Venus, and Chiron make an exact conjunction at 8 degrees in Aries opposing the Moon. 


Venus is the ruler of this Libra Full Moon as she presides over Libra. 


It is striking that the Venus energy of the Libra Moon opposes Venus in Aries. This is an opportunity for reflection on our values around relationships. This aspect may trigger inquiries into who you are in partnership vs. who you truly are in yourself. Questions may arise around equality, independence, and the ability to be authentic while in partnership. 


Strength in Vulnerability


The Sun in Aries is illuminating the themes of the Libra Full Moon while Chiron is riding along with the Sun to remind us of where we have been vulnerable in our deepest selves, what our wounds are under the surface, and where we are insecure. Venus accompanies the Sun and Chiron and begs inquiry around how to heal with love and dive deep into your own values and worth, while simultaneously opening a path of heart to guide you. 


The heart is the ultimate Key (Chiron’s glyph) to your true self. 


The Full Moon has a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus also at 8 degrees. This may indicate a bit of an expression of tension regarding where our loyalties lie, fairness in relationships, and the urge to liberate. There may be restlessness here, especially if there is a sense of outdated inequities, and other barriers within partnerships. The desire to break free and individuate may be featured. 


Uranus in Taurus semi-sextiles the Sun/Chiron/Venus aspect. Uranus feels like a helper here providing genius insight and an opening of consciousness into forging a new path based on healing through light and love. 


Relationships Are Under Review


Juno, the asteroid of marriage, partnership, and equality is in Sagittarius along with the South Node; the releasing end of the nodal access. This provides an opportunity to let go of the relationships that are no longer aligned with your authenticity. This could be a plethora of types of alliances. Under this aspect, you may take a look at your relationship with your job, a lover, marriage, friend. The possibilities are endless. 


The world is made up of all sorts of collaborations and this lunation is a huge portal to upgrading this area of your life. 


Juno in Sag along with the South Node is saying let go of old beliefs about relationships. Be open to new ideas and truths about the way partnerships can be. This may help to shift an existing union that no longer functions in its status quo. It is a time to move forward with fortitude, to become the charioteer of our own life, and step into a new realm of heart and healing that will create balance, harmony, and joy allowing you to find what you truly desire. 


Leadership and Innovation


The Aries energy at this time brings a sense of completion, considering the end of a zodiac cycle has just occurred. A brand new birth to your own truth is on the rise. Moving forward with an understanding of who you truly are and then creating action that aligns in that truth is being highlighted. Aries themes of leadership and innovation bring forth inquiry into whether you are the leader in your life. 


Are you leading your life the way you envision? The fire of Aries may give you the push you need to grasp the reins of your life and fight for what you know is true in your heart. 


Mars in Gemini conjunct the North Node further supports this fresh start. Mars in Gemini actively pursues creative ideas with a whole new perspective. We are impelled toward innovation and the drive to chart our direction with discerning action. 


Mars is about the same degree as the last Venus star point in June of 2020 when Venus was at 13 degrees Gemini. Now, Venus is at the next star point in Aries, the sign Mars rules over. The star point is when Venus conjuncts the Sun. There is divine messaging about our relationships, values, what brings us joy, and our desires. Think back to last June. Are there any recurring themes that are emerging at this time? It would make sense with the connection between these two star points.


Let Intuition Lead


Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces lends a highly intuitive energy to this unique lunation. Mercury who usually likes to be analytic is in Pisces and asks us to feel into our deepest intuition. This is about waking up to messages regarding the big picture, our most spiritual alignments, and is suggesting to trust in the unknown. 


There is a sense of having faith in the intelligence of the process. 


An anxious fear can arise here and it is important to remember to trust the divine order of all things and to feel a sense of higher love in Neptune’s most auspicious vibration. 


Synchronicity Abounds


A trine aspect indicates a flow of energies that tend to have synchronicity. There is an Air trine on this Full Moon from Mars conjunct North Node in Gemini to Saturn in Aquarius, to the Moon in Libra. This gives us a big mental push with a sense of authority and commitment. 


This trine has a Kite aspect that points directly at the Sun/Chiron/Venus conjunction in Aries. A kite aspect indicates a pivotal point of the trine. This suggests that through healing the heart, and any wounds we may have harbored, we will come into our true selves and bask in the light of our own being. 


We have the opportunity to unmoor ourselves from the suffering of the past. As we liberate ourselves from our bruises, we cultivate a path forward, healing with love, and forging the way into a brighter, more joyful future. 


Healing and Moving Forward


Chiron gives an air of longevity and a healing aspect to however we choose to move forward. Venus is there to provide loving support and keys regarding values and our desires. The Moon in Libra across from this point of the kite is where we are reflecting what needs to be shifted and balanced. 


We are being encouraged to look at our relationships and we may have revelations on where things are not in alignment with our ideals. The Sun in Aries shines a light on knowing ourselves so that we can live authentically in relationships of all kinds. Chiron will bring up our vulnerabilities and grief, but also our strength. 


Full Moon Tarot Card 

Enraptured by this Full Moon lunation, I decided to pull a Tarot card. Utilizing my Thoth tarot deck, I meditated on the Full Moon in Libra for a moment. I received the Four of Wands which represents the principle of completion. It is the Venus in Aries card. My first thought was how aligned the Venus and Aries energies are to this Full Moon— with the Sun, Venus, and Chiron all at 8 degrees of Aries opposing Venus-ruled Libra. 


The wands on this card are headed on one side with ram and on the other side with doves. This is the juxtaposition of Libra, and the example of Venus (dove) and Aries (ram); The ram says let's go full steam ahead right now, while the dove asks for some patience and to move forward in love and light. The number four indicates a building off of an understanding of the necessity in counterbalance. Pulling this card extends the insight that something is being completed and simultaneously something is being initiated. The message of this card is perfectly oriented to the cosmic alignments at this time. 


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