Read March 2021 Horoscopes with astrology insights and mantras for your sun and rising signs written by one of our trusted Astrologers, Carlos Mestanza.


March 2021 Horoscopes

Welcome to March 2021! An important date to note this month is March 21st, the Spring Equinox. The Spring Equinox is the start of a new astrological year. It will include what we call in astrology, a “Bowl type” chart, with Pluto as a leading planet. Pluto’s influence could be stronger this year, unearthing or revealing what is hidden, especially relating to old structures and old social ways. The unbalanced aspects of the chart finds equilibrium in Libra. Libra’s energy of relating with consideration of others will be needed throughout the year. There may be a tendency to overcompensate at this time. We may even feel stuck in a process of seeking approval from others. In all aspects of life, equilibrium is what we need and it is even more true this next astrological year. 

Love will be in the air mid-March with the planet of love Venus kissing the planet of universal love Neptune. The New Moon on March 13th will be a powerful date to set humanistic intentions. Love can heal everything. Sometimes love hurts, but if you haven’t suffered the pain of love you may not appreciate it when it comes to you.



Mantra: I find power in patience.

Challenge is in the air. Arians may feel strangely sensitive and if there is something important to start this month, I would recommend waiting until the 21st of March if possible. This is when the Sun will enter the sign of Aries and your energy will be renewed.

If you have been feeling like intimate relationships are possible but you don't want to settle, give yourself more time. You may choose to wait until the end of the month, when you will have more clarity, especially about what you want. You may experience the need to tell your truth strongly this month, so remember you can still express yourself with assertiveness without the need to obliterate others' opinions (at times you may come on quite powerfully and over do it).

Transformation is still occurring in your career sector as the process of change is not done and the word uncertainty, relating to your resources, may feel too present for your liking. Another area for review will be your relationships with colleagues, roommates, and friends. There is nothing particular for you to do except work to understand others, and discern whether you feel aligned with their values.

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Mantra: I accept the moment.

Acceptance and perseverance are qualities to focus on for you dear Taureans as you maintain your steadfast approach through the intensity of this month. You may feel there is no solution for your restlessness, but be mindful of not transforming your restlessness into recklessness.

This is a good time to build on your career, not to change it, unless life is forcing you to do so. Lucky events may happen in this area of your life. If you feel habitually worried about something, this may ease up in the second part of the month.

Friends and groups may have been a source of difficulty for you lately, however, you will have some clarity by the end of the month. Just be patient and be careful of not hurting others as you will likely need to apologize for it in the future.

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Mantra: I turn within for the solution.

At times you may feel bold and strong, yet simultaneously as if life is not letting you flow freely. Instead of feeling frustrated, know that it’s just for now, and this energetic is holding you back in order for you to assess the situation as a whole.

Truth may be on your side, but it’s not about telling the world, instead, receive the information and make your own decisions. Chiron (the wounded healer) is in your eleventh house. As a result, you may be reactive to comments or attitudes coming from friends or groups at this time. You may feel the need to even help them to “see” the truth, but that won’t happen. It’s best if you can use the circumstances to turn inwards and ask yourself why you are so sensitive to the situation.

With Neptune in the 10th house, you may feel at times that your career is dissolving, or you may feel a calling into more altruistic work. Neptune can help us to see what is beyond the ordinary, bringing inspiration and vision. We need to give it space to do its work, and the way we can give it space is through deep reflection and meditation.

The theme of death may be present in your life lately. I pray for it to be a transformative death to old useless habits. Some aspects of life may be difficult to accept; remember you are not alone, you are loved and you are important to others.

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Mantra: I flow with the adventure of life.

Your relationships may have been a source of inner work and transformation for a while now. Good things are worth waiting for, and other things are worth leaving behind. Remember you are in control of your life.

Your love for philosophy or traveling may be strongly present. There may be a call for new adventures to distant lands physically or philosophically speaking. Maybe work hasn’t been great lately, or you feel you’ve been in a survival mode, and it’s not something you enjoy. If that is the case, things will get better in the last week of March.

Sometimes you may feel that people around you are behaving strangely or erratically. The unexpected may occur with friends this month within a full spectrum from good to serious to even some disappointments. This will certainly be a quite eventful month for you, be sure to remember your self-care.

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Mantra: I surrender to my heart.

Your work and daily life may have undergone big changes lately. If that’s the case, just know that you can expect even more change on the way and keep that sunshine Leo attitude of yours in the process. Work may change, but what is really changing is you. What is happening outside is just the excuse life is using to help you with the changes your soul needs.

You may feel quite serious about relationships this month, perhaps even thinking about settling down. If you have been in a relationship for a long time and both of you feel it’s time to settle then go ahead, but if you have just met, I would recommend not to rush into things as these heightened feelings will pass (astrologically we need at least two years or a full Mars cycle of being with someone to know the key aspects of compatibility in relationships).

Be patient with others this month, perhaps they are not as quick to the draw as you are but their opinions and criteria may be worth considering. Some issues with your career or your public life may emerge in early March. If this is the case, please don’t just ignore it as it won’t go away magically. Learn to adapt, keeping your dignity and your principles intact.

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Mantra: I find power in self-expression.

Work may be challenging at times, with some good moments in between, however, this is not a good time to quit your job. The solution is to improve your communication skills and become more open to accepting things that are not perfect.

March may be a good month for romance. At times you may feel you could dissolve into the arms of your loved one, and this may feel strange for the practical Virgo in you. Don’t be afraid and enjoy it while it lasts.

Work may provide opportunities to triumph over obstacles, but you will have the drive to do it! Communication will also be important for you throughout this month and remember strength is not the same as violence. Communication works when we listen and respect others' opinions and criteria.

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Mantra: I commit to healing.

Beautiful Libra, you will likely feel challenged with feeling a bit out of balance. Relationships will be the theme for you throughout the year. With Pluto transforming and changing your home environment. Your self-expression may be expanding with all the ideas that you may be having in the first two weeks of March. These ideas may even come into reality during the second part of the month.

You may be quite sensitive with your partner at work or home. The need for healing through and with your partner will be more present than ever now that you can see the wound in the other more clearly.

You may feel attracted to travel and feel a strong impulse to do it. If that is the case, remember to plan properly. Don’t take unnecessary risks, the saying “just go and see what happens” is not a good one for you this month. Instead, do what you can to prepare for the unforeseen and check your list twice.

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Mantra: I transform with grace.

Life at home may be under review, especially the first two weeks of March, and communications may be a key factor to reconcile differences at home or with very close friends.

Your creativity is strong and very present especially the first three weeks of this month. Your best ideas may come in meditations, in dreams, or when you are just feeling relaxed. Your relationships may cause you some stress as they may demand more than what you are comfortable giving. Be open to the changes, surprises; flow with life, and let go of your need to control what comes.

You have the planet Mars in the eighth house and may be inclined towards transformation through taking action. With Mars in Gemini, you may need to talk out all that you are holding, helping you to process, and achieve the necessary understanding needed for real change.

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Mantra: I lead by example.

Lucky at home may be your theme this month, as many energies are colliding at there. Your work or daily life may have been hectic lately. With ups and downs and unexpected turns, you may have been learning how to deal with all the uncertainty. If this is the case, this situation may go on for a while, it may become the new normal for you.

Relationships may feel difficult these days. Avoid useless arguments that may erode the trust. Say what you need to say without hurting others. Children in your life may need more of your support. Remember the best support you may give is to teach them about values and respect. Make them feel that although life lessons can be difficult, that they have to go through them. You are there to teach them with your words and lead by your example. Even with all the issues that life may bring, you may still feel lucky at home this month.

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Mantra: I am free to thrive.

With Pluto in your first house, transformation and change have been your theme for a few years. This is happening in ways nobody understands unless they have undergone similar transits in their lifetime.

There may be some concern about finances. Saturn and Jupiter in your house of resources are two strong forces colliding. Communication and organization around your resources are a good idea this month. With Pluto in Sextile to the New Moon stellium, the energy of the New Moon on March 13th will help in your process of transformation. Communications and short trips are favorable at this time.

You may feel quite sensitive to the intense energy at home, and with very close friends. If you carry a wound around violence or abuse from your early childhood, it is a good time to review, to heal, to teach your inner child that those events belong to the past and that he/she is safe now.

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Mantra: I serve from wholeness.

Aquarian energy is on the spot these days, with the co-ruler of your sign Saturn in your first house, you may feel more serious and grounded. Life may be allowing you to grow, by creating order for the otherwise chaotic energy of Aquarius. You also have Jupiter in your first house, bringing forward more of the joy you are known for. At the same time, Saturn may be teaching you to express yourself without forgetting what is really important.

You may feel more communicative than usual in March, talking about new projects, new ways of doing things, or new ways of generating resources. With the energy of the New Moon March 13th and the stellium of Venus, Neptune, Sun, and Moon, in the house of resources, you may be quite lucky this month. Check your natal chart, if the area of your chart related to fortune is conjunct the New Moon or conjunct the transiting lunar nodes, luck will be unstoppable.

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Mantra: I speak my truth.

You are blessed with Venus energy this month as people may perceive you even more charming and attractive with its peak around March 13th. On the New Moon, when Neptune (the ruler of your sign) will be in the center of a stellium formed by Venus, Moon, Sun, and Neptune, there will be a beautiful configuration in the heavens. Venus rules human love, but powerful Neptune rules universal love. These two will come together in your sign for you to shine and feel enlivened in the process. Love can heal anything and now is the time to love God, yourself, and our fellow human beings.

You may feel sensitive to Aries energy with Chiron (the wounded healer) in your second house. It’s a good time to heal if you have been hurt by violence in the past. Be patient with yourself, love heals everything but also needs time. There may be some strong arguments at home, especially with siblings. Don’t be afraid to tell your truth. Groups and friends are a source of transformation for you.


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