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New Moon in Pisces 2021


This New Moon in Pisces is an exalted dream. The creative oceans of our hearts’ caverns awaken in love, vision, and new beginnings. 


As the final lunation of the Winter season, we enter Spring poised for a chapter of our lives yet undiscovered. Pour yourself into a creative project, tune to your highest aspirations, imagination, and check-in with yourself. Ask yourself what is loving-kindness? Prepare to be inspired.


Vast Love

According to a 13th-century meditation master from Tibet named Longchenpa, beings are limitless as space and through practice, love can become profound and vast. 


Despite the suffering in our lives, all beings can experience love, and positive qualities are inherent to every person, even when obscured by apparent "evil" and the limitless causes of suffering. 


This New Moon in Pisces dances at the thought of removing the misery of others to replace it with joy and freedom. 


What evokes bliss for you? Dive into it. Often, bliss is lost on us, and pleasure-seeking would be too limited for Pisces' intuitive grasp of universal mind-consciousness. Notice simple everyday perceptions, such as wind or the hotness of your drink. This New Moon seems to implore we connect with the extraordinary in the simple and the real. 


Grounded in the Real 

The sextile to Pluto ensures we do not become lost in fantasy but instead dream to plan, dream to allow nature and love to unfold. If we can release where we are holding tightly to ambition, strategy, or fantasy, we will be rewarded with the cleansing waters of Pisces’ supernatural healing spring—-intrinsic to us.  


The New Moon in sextile with the degrees in Capricorn that jolted our world during 2020 might point to now being an important moment to renew our sense of respect and acceptance for whatever challenges we have faced which can undoubtedly push us towards greater love and awareness should we choose to accept the call. 


A New Season 

Discover the dreams of the mysterious organ that is your heart and put to rest the sufferings that you hold too tightly. Embrace instead a new season that is fresh with vision, creativity, and spiritual insight. The stellium in Pisces is a line-up in the last sign of the Zodiac, the last stage before new life. 


As we enter this new season and lunar cycle consider it yet another ending and beginning. 


Thoughts on Water 

Recall that a billion molecules are in a single drop of water. Those influenced by Pisces can easily perceive an infinite connectedness with one another, phenomena, the landscape, earth, and all elements. We are perhaps not so separate from water bodies or from one another. 


According to NASA, about 70% of the human body is made up of water and more than 70% of the Earth is covered in water. One thinks immediately of Masaru Emoto who claimed human consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water in his book, The Hidden Messages in Water. His conjecture highlights the essential significance of practicing consciousness and noticing our potential for intrinsic awareness. This New Moon delights in such inquiry, as proposed by many spiritual traditions around the world. 


We are, perhaps, like the ocean, many hues of blue, and at the mercy of how awake we are to our dream. This sensitive Moon compels us to heed and prioritize inner sensation. Abstraction and vision will be empty if we do not truly aspire and dream. Consider writing your own aspirations for the season and do so in the language of water.  


May the waters of spirit cleanse entirely 

May exalted heart dawn 

May ethereal love warm this earth for beings 

May wisdom agree to it


Back to the Simple

The New Moon in Pisces dreams of undying, all-accepting love for every being. May we enter tomorrow or the next moment with a renewed romance with the meandering river of each moment. May we fall in love with the aloneness that can illuminate the childish romantic spirit alive in each of us. 


It’s up to each of us to contemplate the significance of the Piscean realm here and now. How will you connect with the invitation to cleanse, love, and imagine?


Continue to apply the wisdom of space to whatever obstacles are encountered. The square between Saturn and Uranus resists security or the known. Heed any difficulty and lean in with the love and romantic vision that only this Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune and the Sun and Moon can truly advise!


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