New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Joan of Sparc

The conclusion of 2020 heralds in a remarkable lineup of eclipses, an extremely rare conjunction, and many other curious aspects. There is a presence of mutability, drive, and ambition in the planetary alignments in this lunation and this affords an opportunity for resolution, action, and new beginnings. Read astrology for the new moon in Sagittarius and enjoy a solar eclipse ritual from Astrologer Niki Sue Mueller.


New Moon Solar Eclipse

The Dec. 14th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is gesturing us toward abundance with a faculty of love, devotion, clarity, and promise of change. Even though it is the darkest season of the year in the northern hemisphere, we are given a nod to move toward the light with a sense of truth, determination, and mindfulness.


The Sun and Moon combination at 23 degrees Sagittarius opposing the North Node in Gemini is asking us to take a deep look into how we are open to fluidity, community, and curiosity. After a complicated year of reflecting on our deeper truths, it is time to synchronize how they align with the collective energy and expansion.


While our beliefs may be strong and well studied, we are encouraged to release any dogmatic ways of thinking that interfere with an openness to modification, truth, and innovation.


Five planets, the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Eris, and Black Moon Lilith are all at 23 degrees on this New Moon. The number 23 adds up to a 5 in numerology representing change and suggests transformation replete with brilliance and alchemy. Eris, goddess of discord, is squaring Pluto in Capricorn indicating continual change through destruction and rebirth.


Black Moon Lilith, who represents our shame, in Taurus, is ready to stand up for where we have been repressed. 23 is also the number of our DNA which marshals in the idea that we are going through a great mutation. This is evidenced in the chart with a grand square in all mutable signs including, Vesta in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces, North Node in Gemini, and South Node in Sagittarius.


Our sacred fire is being stoked by our devotion to humanity and is driven toward expansion of the mind and letting go of old ways of thinking and acting.


The North Star

Venus in Scorpio conjunct Juno sextile Saturn in Capricorn at 28 degrees tells another story as they form a Yod to fixed star Polaris at 28 degrees Gemini. Venus, the planet of love and values joining with Juno, the asteroid of sacred partnership, aspecting Saturn brings light to creating new structures and foundations with deep reverence to our relationships.


A Yod in Astrology is when two planets at the same degree form a sextile with one another and then form an inconjunct aspect to a different planet. Dubbed ‘Finger of God’, The Yod denotes a fated or special mission. In this instance, Polaris, known as the North Star, is at the apex of this Yod and implies we are being asked to dig deep into our own truth where we find our guiding light.


Native Americans consider the North Star the center of the cosmos and refer to it as the ‘central fire’ to which their lives circulate around. Interestingly, on this lunation, Vesta, the keeper of the sacred flame, is very active in her domicile in Virgo. This is an invitation into our dedication and commitment to our own sacred fire and what we hold dear in our hearts which connects us with spirit.


The North Star is our steady guide who keeps us on track so that we don’t lose our way. Notably, opposite Polaris, in conjunction with the eclipse is the Galactic Center, located approximately 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The galactic center provides an opportunity to release outdated thinking, conditioned behaviors, responses, and old patterns in order to move forward with expanded consciousness.

Communication and a New Vision

Mercury conjunct the eclipse beckons us to consider how we are communicating ourselves out into the world or how we are expanding our consciousness to live in our higher truth.


Mercury energy invites us to open up to the magical messages of the universe and follow our inner guidance.


The trine from Mercury in Sagittarius to Mars in Aries gives us refreshing new insights into the direction of our future. This fire trine stimulates momentum to initiate our ideas into manifestation.


Asteroid Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, warfare, skill and strategy recently entered Aquarius. She leads her dad, Jupiter, in addition to Saturn into this sign of society, humanitarianism, and progressiveness. Feels like she is marching forward with a new vision toward humanity; adaptability to change, innovation, inclusivity, and unity.


Shortly after this new moon, Saturn makes his move into Aquarius followed by Jupiter on the Winter Solstice where they meet together at 0 degrees. We are being initiated into a quantum vault of change on earth. The movement of Pallas Athena, Jupiter, and Saturn into Aquarius is akin to entering into a whole new paradigm of thinking with all of the accumulated wisdom of times past into the relevancy of our current human progression.


Eclipse energy in general desires a healthy body and mind as a template to manifest its deep fateful energies. This requires nurturing oneself; body, mind and spirit.


Solar Eclipse Portal Ritual:


  1. Set up a sacred space in a quiet area. This can be in your home, by a river or another water feature or If you like to take baths, they are a wonderful place to enjoy a ritual
  2. Set up candles, crystals, cards, feathers, photos, or anything else that helps you to feel into a ceremony
  3. Meditate on your inner truth. Picture the North Star and let it guide you toward your center. Imagine what Polaris looks like in the night sky. Let the light of the center of the cosmos help to direct the path of your soul


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