ARIES (Sun or Ascendant)


This is a time of transformation for you, and though you may feel uncertain of your inner resources at times, remember you are capable of building a new set of values in the process.


With the energy of Mars running through your veins, your usual strength and drive may have been shifted in the last couple of weeks as Mars in retrograde. Good news Aries! Mars will go direct on the 13th of this month, and this means your strength and drive will be back to normal. With this backspin, there has likely been increased sensitivity awakened in you lately, which may cause you to review old wounds from the past. A new person may have come into your life, or even an old relationship could resurface to help you heal. A strong energy of transformation has likely been present in your career; this may bring some added stress with coworkers, especially at the beginning of the month. The good news is that you will feel inspired with fresh ideas especially from the 13th to the 20th of November, just be careful if the ideas are too radical, make sure you ground them.


TAURUS (Sun or Ascendant)


What if you could allow yourself to receive their light and see the goodness they bring to you by way of new ideas?


Taurus, you may be in a big process in your life regarding individuality and independence. You may even feel full of electric energy, though sometimes overshadowed with doubts... you will see this begin to improve this month. Creativity may be an important theme for you right now, particularly with your work. If you have yet to have been recognized for your creativity, you may begin to see changes in your relationships at work and with your responsibilities. If you are in a relationship, it is a good time for your partner to shine, be it on a professional or a personal level. A transformation awaits you when you release your resistance to change. Finding the equilibrium between new perspectives and your current reality is a healthy practice for you at this time. 


GEMINI (Sun or Ascendant)


Your soul searching about life is not an easy task and surely not a small one...but every question you ask yourself and the answers that you will now find are going to bring you closer to the clarity you seek.


The current times may have been tough on you, pushing you out of your comfort zone and into a process of important decision making. Do not worry Gemini, now comes your time of doing - and you will find relief through this action. Are you evaluating what it is that you truly want to do? You may feel that your career is slipping away through your fingers...but remember to let go. Though the ocean may take away things, it always brings in the new with its tide. In your connections and companionships, you may be navigating challenges regarding feeling a lack of support, but this should feel better during the second part of the month. In this process, trust the practice of acceptance and release expectations of others. Karma may be afflicting your relationships, your loved one, or your co-workers. This is not an easy thing to navigate through so just do the best you can do, be supportive, and avoid victimization.


CANCER (Sun or Ascendant)


Relationships have been a big theme for you in the last few years, and though every process will eventually reach an end, make sure that you do not miss the lessons along the way.


Cancer, you may be highly creative with brilliant ideas this month. No matter how unusual they may seem, remember to write them down, as innovation lies within you during this period. Is there something you have been dreaming of, or envisioning that feels ahead of its time? Investigate that. Home, family, and your inner nucleus in relationships are very important to you, yet it may be under transformation this month and you could be feeling the challenge and discomfort within this process. Sensitivity and even arguments may arise but this too shall pass, so let it be. Everyone is a little unsettled right now, so learn to enjoy self-care, time alone, and allow for your loved ones to find their own way even if someone leaves your life unexpectedly. 


LEO (Sun or Ascendant)


You are in a period of strong transformation at work and though it may feel like it is all over, let the changes settle in and you may uncover enjoyment in parts of the process that you were previously unattuned to.


Leo, home is calling your attention this month, pulling you into a dreamy state far from the fiery vitality that you are used to. Now is the time to take a pause and renew your energy before the end of November when you will feel the fuel running through your veins and be ready to hit the road again. Have you recently been drawn to higher studies, travel, or some spiritual teachings? Before making any big decisions to move on from this curiosity and leave it behind, have patience as you may feel differently by the end of the month. If you haven’t been happy with your career, there is an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself and find the satisfaction that your heart yearns for...have patience. 



VIRGO (Sun or Ascendant)


Maybe life is showing you how to find acceptance for the inevitable chaos. The more you fight it, the more resistance you will encounter. Are you willing to let go?


Virgo, you have always been a master of communications but you will feel a surge of its importance at the start of this month...just exercise caution not to hurt others in your quick and profound reactions. Can you allow for some space within the delivery of your message? Resources and money may be a theme for you this month. Allow yourself to move through the difficulties and you will see improvements as the days unfold. With your strength in your level of organization and discernment, you might feel a strain in your relationships as your standards of others are very high in this realm. 



LIBRA (Sun or Ascendant)


If your relationships have been through challenges lately, not to fret, the cosmic energy of November offers you the opportunity to see into old wounds and empower yourself through setting clear boundaries and standing by your core values.


With your ruler in the beautiful Venus,  you have been expressing it in your personality more than ever by committing to your self-care and your appearance… but not without its challenges to your self-esteem from critics or a lack of understanding within your inner circle of friends and family. You should notice resolution from this tension after the 10th of the month. Money will be on your side later in the month, but your partner may be struggling and need your support. Can you help others without sacrificing yourself in the process? Be of service to others without losing your own identity, and work to clearly discern between what is “mine, yours, and ours”. 



SCORPIO (Sun or Ascendant)


Can you find the balance between your assertiveness as you speak, while also considering how to allow others into your process and into the conversation?


Get ready to shine Scorpio, this is your month of the year. You have been boundlessly creative, and now is the time to dream the changes you wish to see in your life into reality. Have you felt a strong drive and energy for your work? This can sometimes be a source of conflict for your peers if you have been coming on too strong. You may be on a journey of reevaluating yourself and have a need for your own space now. If that is the case, do not rush into any decisions. Hold open discussions in your relationships to express that it is not about the other, but rather about your own inner process. Find a way to communicate gracefully if you need some solid alone time for inner work. 



SAGITTARIUS (Sun or Ascendant)


Remember that it is not just about doing the talking, it’s about listening, understanding how the other perceives you and holding empathy through your presence.


Sagittarius, your usual joyful, optimistic, and enthusiastic nature may have felt tired as you are at the end of your sun cycle. Perhaps you have not felt fully yourself. Fear not, for the 21st of November is quickly approaching, when your birthday cycle begins and a fresh chance to begin new projects and activities arrive. Values and your self-worth may have been tested lately but they are simply opportunities to change the way you access your inner resources, and as a Sagittarian, you have the gift to find your way out of your troubles. Groups and friends are especially important in this time and may find themselves centered around conversations about transformation, maybe even death and resurrection. If this is the case, you may be preparing for a ride into your inner world, to dive deep to gain knowledge and experience about yourself and the world. Unexpected changes may happen at work, if this is the case, remember to go with the flow and embrace the change, maybe there is no way back to the way it used to be. Communication is a very important theme in your relationships these days, be it personal or professional. How can you effectively communicate?  



CAPRICORN (Sun or Ascendant)


The shallow subjects might be unattractive to you now, so seek out those around you who will share the space for conversations that dive deep, centered around a common goal.


Life has not been easy for you Capricornians as of late, as you’ve been challenged for a few years now through successive transformation to your identity, how you perceive yourself, and how you relate to the world. You may be seeing deep wounds from your early childhood, but November allows a time for healing through your inner work. Have you felt a surge in your creativity, perhaps even a restlessness followed by dry-spells? If you have found yourself pulled between these energies do not worry, because by the end of the month you will see inspiration return with intensely productive energy. At work, communication has perhaps presented more of a challenge lately and there may be a necessity for deeper and more honest conversations.


AQUARIUS (Sun or Ascendant)


What is calling to you now? Find your creativity through words and writing this month and if you feel a push in the middle of November, do not resist it.


Aquarius, seize your chance to shine as opportunities will present themselves within your career and your community. Key days for you may be around the 10th and the 21st of this month. You may have experienced some unusual ups and downs at home, and it might not be comfortable, but it will work out in the end, just make sure everyone else is on the same page as you. Through the unexpected shifts at home, return to your breath, and remember that everything is temporary. Give yourself permission to create with freedom. You have the energy to be assertive when you speak now, which can come on strong to people if not channeled in the right direction. Remember that everyone has their own sensibilities and that there is a way to exercise both kindness and strength. Your true assertiveness comes from the clarity of what you are expressing. If you feel a lack of clarity about your life purpose, you may get the clarity you need by the end of the month.



PISCES (Sun or Ascendant)


You may have had some issues lately around finding the balance between your home and your career. No matter how challenging it might be, it is your lesson of the moment not to sacrifice one for the other.


Transformation is your primary work these days Pisces, with a strong inclination to help others and to involve yourself in service (perhaps getting involved in charity work). Remember that you can do it all without sacrificing yourself. It is possible to create boundaries, help others, and still look after yourself and your own evolution process. The Lunar eclipse at the end of the month might bring tension to this subject. Where can you find your flow and ease between these aspects of your life? Be mindful with legal issues and please pay attention to the small print, the best you can do is to get help from the experts this month. Your community will be an amazing support system for you during this time, with opportunities for transformation within them. Your friends are present for you and an important part of this phase of your journey. 


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