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The Importance of Discovering Your Creative Purpose

Life is creative and your participation is vital. The founder of Joan of Sparc invites you to remember your unique brilliance and discover your creative purpose.


The Rise of The Divine Feminine: New Age or Profound?

As the rise of the Divine feminine moves into the mainstream, we are collectively redefining the feminine-masculine balance. Explore your role in this evolution.


You’ve Set Your Intentions for the New Year. Now What?

You’ve set your intentions for the new year or you want to. Explore how to listen to the call of your heart and bring your intentions to life.


What Is Inner Work and Why Is It Valuable as a Lifestyle?

We are each a world, actually a universe of possibilities. In order to make effective change in the outer world, we have to make effective change in the inner world we are in. The Inner Journey is a way of making inner work a lifestyle.


10 Ways to Cultivate Authentic Connection

The desire for authentic connection is hardwired at birth and connection benefits psychological health. Learn how to foster authentic connection in all your relationships.


The Art of Being Spontaneous in 3 Steps

Being spontaneous leads to authentic living, expansive life experiences, and adventure. Learn the art of being spontaneous in three steps.


Crossing the Threshold: My Journey Through Contraction and Expansion

Crossing the threshold is when your life story changes direction. Explore the phases of crossing the threshold and how to support yourself and others in the process.


Why Being More Productive Isn’t the Solution to Anxiety

An addiction to productivity and comparison can deprive us of connection and contribute to anxiety. Learn how to listen and rediscover the simple joys in life. There is a productive solution to anxiety that is easy for anyone to access.


Letter From a Founder: The Creation of Joan of Sparc

In order to be born, something must die. Joan of Sparc founder Ciela Wynter shares the story of the creation of Joan of Sparc.


5 Herbal Allies for Women by Moon Phase

Women have been working with plant medicines throughout history to heal and maintain balance. Call upon these five herbal allies during the phases of the moon. Including a recipe for Women’s Moon Tonic Tea.


Finding Beauty in the Face of Adversity: Michelle Gerrard

Living with an unpredictable illness can be harrowing. Learn how one woman found beauty through expressing her creative gifts and receive an invocation to support your own resilience.


Mirrors as Symbols in Women’s Literature

Mirrors reflect light which allows them to reflect the world around them. For decades, women have used mirrors as symbols and tools of revolution.