Revolutionary Leo Full Moon

Welcome to 2021. The Sun in Aquarius is exactly conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius in opposition to a passionate Full Moon in Leo. Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are making sure to be heard, too. It is a time of dramatic expansion and endings, envisioning and committed action inspired by your highest ideals and most beloved and sacred purpose. Read on about this soulful and revolutionary Full Moon in Leo.

Sails Full of Aquarius Wind

We’re crossing the choppy waters on a boat we never anticipated. The people around us are moving quickly, some are familiar to us and others are strangers. All of them are full of spirit and vision, dedicated to imagining a new world at the speed of thought. They seem ready to take on the subtlest change in tact, wind, or trend. Their mission is clear but their bodies are chaotic aboard the deck. They are sailing for the progress of the world.

You find a quiet spot near the stern and look out over an empty blue horizon. The sky and water fade together in the distance almost imperceptibly, the shades of soft blue are so close.

You have a spontaneous insight, revelation, rebellious sensation or ironic thought. You are on your way somewhere— and then you trip. You trip over a rope and lose balance. You catch yourself on the palms of your hands. You forget the soft color and come back to the moving bodies aboard the boat. A stranger reaches out to you, you notice their eyes, and feel a brisk wind on your cheek.

Watch for rope. Your vision is clear, it’s expanded and inspired by an infinitely soft blue sea and sky.

This Full Moon tells us that to approach the horizon we yearn for, we must be attentive to our bodies and present to our physical world and passionate messy hearts. We must rouse courage to be together in uncharted waters.

Leo’s Courage

The Full Moon in Leo lights up the sky with fire, it calls your soul home to synchronize and play in the imperfect partnership of heart and body. Go for it. You may surprise yourself or there may be clashes. Have the courage to expose yourself, your light, and joy. Do you trust in magic? We can’t easily define it, but experiment.

Weary of losing yourself in the distant horizon, roar instead with longing and courage. Go after with zeal what you know you must. That might mean a new beginning, a rebellious cause, or a creative dream or purpose. Laugh with who you love. Reassure them with kindness.

Respect the messages of the phenomenal world. They are certain to surprise us, certain to propel us or stir impatience. Receive whatever it is that comes up with gentleness and the new found confidence of a young lion having a glorious dream.

A Deep Love

Venus says set your boundaries. It is an absolute requirement. She will not go on like that. She can guide you towards a soft blue horizon but you must heed her deep instincts. Let what is not working fall away, embody her deep love and commitment. Touch in. Where do you sense her guidance? What wants to end? Can you feel a new found love of change and impermanence?

We have seen our world fall away and come into new view. She may grieve. She reminds us of the lessons we learned in 2020 and ignites our appreciation for where we are now.

We know that what dies will take new birth. Only reunite after genuine letting go. Commit to a plan to approach your vision and inspiration.

Full Moon Spirit

Get on board and sail together in spite of the chaos. Relate to the elements outside. Meet Earth, Wind, Fire, Space, and Water every day in your outer world, in your inner world, and in your secret revolution of soul and purpose. Contact the world outside and work with it, soften to it, surrender. It is our teacher, our message, our lion maned messenger of magic and deep transformation.


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