What is the Role of the Masculine in the Rise of the Divine Feminine?

In the past years, we have been witnessing the Rise of the Divine Feminine. Always questioned and sometimes misunderstood, this rise comes after a time of imbalance between the Divine Masculine qualities and the Divine Feminine. We can see the imbalance expressed out in the world and in our collective relationship to Nature, however, the conflict can also be found inside the minds and hearts of both men and women. For women to go back to a place of power, confidence and balance, a reparation process is necessary. Restoring this balance is not going to be the work of the Divine Feminine only, it will require elemental reconstruction from the Divine Masculine as well.

Understanding the necessary balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

The Divine Feminine is connected to the Moon, the Sun, the Stars and the Earth. She is in unison with her inner self and hears all the prophecies of her body. She listens to her feelings and can place distance between her spirit and the interference of her thoughts. She is the co-creator of the universe and as such she is confident in her wisdom and love. She is in perfect symbiosis with her senses and lives everything in the purest way, in the moment. The Divine Feminine never fights against her own Nature and is our wisest side, the core of our intuition and knowledge.

The Divine Masculine, on the other hand, embodies the strongest sense of Truth. He will not be easily distracted from his quest and has the means to achieve anything he desires. The Divine Masculine qualities give courage to action and discernment to debate. The Divine Masculine, when integrated by women, can help us take creative initiatives, make major decisions and say no when it’s needed. He is a creative force who can appear insatiable and is an inextinguishable flame of energy. The fact is that as much as men are often encouraged to suppress the rise of the Divine Feminine in themselves the same is true for women with their Divine Masculine, yet neither of them can be complete and fulfilled lacking the other. Therefore, finding and restoring the balance of Feminine attributes and Masculine qualities is a spiritual tour de force.

Affirming your Divine Femininity and finding your power.

When you connect to the Divine Feminine within yourself, you shamelessly enter the depths of your subconscious and rejoin the universal source of energy. By allowing the Feminine to rise, we fully experience the pan-sophism of being a woman and allowing our power to thrive. By suppressing the Feminine or Masculine qualities and polarities or inverting them, we are recovering only half of ourselves. Stepping out of the shadows and embracing our natural power (masculine) and also our sense of nurturance (feminine) is a statement of empowerment. As intuitive women, we are growing out of polarized conditioning.

Our individual identities and our intimate relationships to the Masculine depend on the rise of the Divine Feminine in every sense.

When and how the Masculine can reclaim his sacred place

As women, we are conditioned to be soft, peaceful and sensitive while men are conditioned to be dominant, strong and assertive. However, we do not have to remain imprisoned in these norms and clichés imposed by society. These types of societal widespread ideas paved the way for all kinds of extreme behaviors and consequences, tending to make women more submissive and resilient and men increasingly aggressive and arrogant. The Rise of the Divine Feminine can restore balance in our hearts and identities by enabling men to connect with their inner Divine Feminine and women to develop their Divine Masculine qualities. By honoring the Divine Feminine’s wisdom and accepting the Divine Masculine for the truth he serves, we bring a healthy harmony and a spiritual symmetry in our energies allowing men to step back into a more sensitive and intuitive place and women to retrieve their power and spiritual force.

The magic of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine together

Understanding and embracing both divine energies is crucial for both men and women. The Divine Masculine and Feminine, when combined, do not only complement each other but also work as an unstoppable force of nature. The Feminine is like the designer while the Masculine is the craftsman. While in a relationship, a man and a woman who both fully embraced the twin energies will be able to build a rich, creative and fulfilling union.

When the Masculine decides to trust his intuition more and accepts his feelings as spiritual guidance, he will connect to the Feminine and the Universe in a unique, magical way.

As for the rise of the Divine Feminine, it re-affirms her natural power and Divine Wisdom, she becomes a fertile ground for all creation while remaining in connection with her consciousness which is the greatest gift of all. As Virginia Woolf once wrote: “I am rooted but I flow” which constitutes a perfect and poetic description of powerful dual energy, where opposition brings consistency.


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