Scorpio New Moon

Expansion | Self-awareness | Transformation


The energy of each new Moon is best understood by examining the sign in which it occurs, and the planets by which it’s aspected.


In the case of the Scorpio new moon, we get to feel just how deep the water of our transformational essence goes. And the sextile (aspect) it forms with Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn, along with a harmonic trine with Neptune in Pisces, leaves us basking in the glow of expansion and hope, while at the same time teetering dangerously near the edge of excess and delusion. Come to think of it, this distinction sounds all too similar to the U.S. presidential candidates!


The Art of Transformation


Every sign has its own reputation and with it a handful of attributes and unskillful tendencies. Scorpio ranks among the most notorious, with no shortage of intensity, death, rebirth, creativity, vengefulness, eroticism, alchemy, sensitivity, jealousy, healing, a penchant for all things occult, and a proclivity for digging deep beneath the surface of the mundane. Not unlike the bottom of the ocean, it’s wicked dark down there where the Scorpio roam, and this fixed water sign reminds us that light can (and must) be sourced from the heart of our darkest and most unpleasant emotions. Especially relevant for this Scorpio new moon.


It’s no small matter that Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars will be stationary direct (after two months retrograde) during this new moon portal, and its other co-ruler Pluto will be in an exact sextile to the Sun/Moon conjunction.


It’s as though you have a window into the deepest and darkest elements of your psyche... you’re hyper-aware of your unconscious tendencies, and you recognize the necessary steps to implement radical change in service to the vision you hold for your life and that of our world.


Reconcile The Resistance


Your will and fortitude to make lasting changes will increase as Mars gets its momentum back through November and into December. Take your time through the rest of the year, remain disciplined in doing what you know is yours to do, and remember your aim whenever you meet inevitable resistance.


As we enter 2021, Mars will complete its shadow transit, and Jupiter and Saturn will be in Aquarius. The vision of a world unified in ways that seemed impossible just months earlier will feel evermore possible. In equal measure, the resistance to this vision will be just as strong. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction, and there’s no escaping this law of duality in our third dimension.


There is, however, a way to reconcile the resistance into the vision and intention you set in motion on this new moon.


Scorpio reminds us that within us all there lives an alchemist, and while the challenges we face as a species will continue to rise, so too our capacity to reconcile this resistance will reach unprecedented heights. This is the art of transformation. The world is our canvas. Now is our time to create it anew!


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