Self-Discovery Journal Prompts with Joan of Arc as a Guide

Uncovering and developing your life journey takes time, thought, and reflection. Following the paths forged by heroines and heroes of the fictional and real world can help us begin to craft our own paths. What steps did previous heroines take to uncover their true potential? How can we use Joan of Arc’s story to reclaim parts of ourselves that we have lost or stifled? Using Joan of Arc as a guide, discover your own life journey through Joan of Sparc’s self discovery journal prompts.


"I am not afraid... I was born to do this." - Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)


Joan of Sparc’s Self-Discovery Journal Prompts


Inner work can be difficult, but incredibly rewarding. It is the process of self-discovery starting from what we already know about ourselves, to what is unknown. Deeply psychological and personal, your journey is unique, but like the rest of us, and Joan of Arc, you have everything you need within you right now. Joan of Arc had no military experience, could not read or write, and was only 16 years old when said led the French to defeat the English. Her story motivates, inspires, and helps us believe in the impossible. 


Unlayering the blocks that hold you from bringing your own vision to life can start in many places. Use the below self discovery journal prompts as a way to begin the process. Take out a piece of paper, put on some nice relaxing music, and get out a pen that you love writing with. Don’t overthink it. We recommend answering the prompts using the stream-of-consciousness writing method. That means that when you finish reading the journaling prompt, let your pen instantly flow. Don’t take your pen off the page. Sometimes our biggest self-discoveries come from our subconscious intuition, the voice that the overthinking mind can sometimes silence out of fear or confusion. 


Facing the Unknown: The Journey Begins!

Joan of Arc is remembered today as a Catholic Saint, but she was also a rebel. A rebel with a cause. Unintimidated by definitions of piety that barred her from leadership, men’s clothing, or battle, Joan did whatever it took for her to fulfill her inner mission. What was it that helped Joan access this freedom within herself before taking on a world and status quo that could not match her or fully understand her for centuries to come? 


  • What is one of my unique qualities? 
  • What are three things that I believe to my core? 
  • What do I dream of creating? What do I already have? 
  • When am I in flow? Flow is the experience when you are at peace from the overthinking mind. Flow happens when you are able to just be. It’s the moment you forget to narrate or interpret your life, and actually live it. 

Connecting to Inner Knowing: Tools for Inner Work

In order to harness your inner Joan of Arc, and experience a revolution of consciousness, you need to connect to your inner self. Unblocking yourself and achieving your true potential requires a combination of tools, commitment, and trust. Leaning in to who you are, despite the rules of the status quo, is part of Joan of Arc’s legacy. 


In Mauren Murdock’s book, The Heroine’s Journey, heroines often begin their journey by rejecting the feminine (being) and embracing the masculine (doing). While this often will catapult the heroine into success, by having her lean into her strength and confidence, the success is only an illusion. By the end of her journey, she will reclaim and rediscover the feminine. By accepting her true self and creating a union between all of her unique characteristics, the heroine forever sheds the toxic duality of masculine and feminine and enters into balance with them.


  • What parts of myself am I willing to shed? My weaknesses, short-comings, etc.
  • Looking at your list of weaknesses, can any of these be strengths? Why do I define these as weaknesses? Are there any other factors, societal expectations, norms, or standards, that influence my dislike for these parts of myself?
  • What are the parts of myself I want to hold on to? 
  • How can I nourish these parts of myself? 

Transformation: Personal Rite of Passage + Death/Rebirth

The next crucial step to uncovering your life journey are the moments that you accomplish the impossible. Be it a creative pursuit you thought had withered away due to neglect or a revitalized relationship you thought was irreparably damaged. You transform the moment you discover and harness your potential, and come out on the other side a fully realized person. 


If the archetype of Joan of Arc can teach us anything, it is that nothing, nothing, is impossible. There are no limits to what you can do. You transform the moment you experience the truth of that sentence. 


  • When was the last time I surprised myself?
  • When was the last time I felt my emotions? Sobbing, laughing, etc?
  • What are some of my gifts? How can I nourish them?
  • What seems impossible right now? What can I do to remember everything is possible? 

Co-create a New World: Share your Gifts + Community Connection 

The final step of your journey is the moment you discover how your gifts can be shared with the world. Joan of Arc’s story did not end the moment she defeated the English, it lived on and inspired generations of young women to take risks in all parts of their lives. What will be your legacy? No matter how small it may seem, the moment you exude your true self into the world around you, you will be influencing someone and helping them realize something in turn. 


  • What communities am I part of in my life? How do I give to these communities? 
  • What do these communities give to me?
  • What do I want to accomplish? What have I accomplished?
  • When was the last time I felt truly cared for? When was the last time I made someone else feel cared for?

The Journey Begins Again

The secret to discovering your life path is knowing that the journey never ends. Connecting to your true self and intuition is a life-long journey that winds its way into all aspects of your life. Discovering one new part of yourself will help you locate the other parts of yourself waiting to be discovered. Living powerfully and authentically can continue to challenge you as you begin your journey over and over again. 


If you ever are feeling stuck, or want to reconnect to yourself, come back to these self discovering journaling prompts. You might be surprised how the answers continue to evolve and inspire you to make different changes in your constantly developing life. 


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