What is Empowerment?

Written by Noemie Akridge

Eight keys to re-discovering the empowered woman in you

What is empowerment? The term has become a real catch phrase lately and leaves us with a vague feeling of uncertainty sometimes. But isn’t the real definition of empowerment the one we make for ourselves? Let’s explore some tools to investigate, stimulate and define empowerment from within. In this unique way, we can turn the “false advertising” feeling of empowerment around and find something authentic.

When a woman is spiritually connected to her true self, she is able to open up to all the forces and skills Nature has gifted her. She unbinds herself from the negative spells of the old path to finally know her value as a woman in this world.

The new path is elemental, clear, empowered.

The new path is decidedly and fundamentally feminine. Sometimes, we come to wonder: what is empowerment? As we explore the world, step by step, through difficult times, we search for peace, meaning and fulfillment. Along the road, we sometimes discover that going the distance is opening one door at a time, one key at at time...

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

What is Empowerment?

As an empowered woman, you have a multitude of skills and gifts to embrace: creativity, spirituality, self-care, community, nurturing, curiosity and gratefulness are amongst the most important. Today, let’s explore eight keys to living a life of self-discovery.

Eight Keys to Empowerment

Key 1. Start now.

The journey to empowerment starts today. Don’t push it further down the road, the path starts here and now. Sometimes when we feel powerless it seems as if there is a little voice inside telling you that you are not worth it, that you are not ready, that your life is not always easy : confront this little voice and silence it. Each and every one of us is unique and has a unique voice, a unique path, a unique purpose.

When you open up to the world, using all your gifts, your singular and precious skills that only you have: you are finally living your life as an empowered woman, in perfect connection with your Spirit, aligned with your divine self.

Key 2. Embrace the present.

As an empowered woman, you can allow yourself to live fully in the present and to let go of the past without resentment. Try connecting with your inner wisdom asking “What is empowerment to me? What does it represent?” Aligning with your Spirit will help you to recognize and understand how your thoughts work and what you truly believe in. Set some goals and affirmations that will help you keep up with your expectations and take advantage of everything life can offer, one day at a time.

Key 3. Trust your feelings and your body.

Your body knows you better than your brain ever will. So, “Trust your gut”. Nurturing and cherishing your body is essential to the development of the soul: hot baths scented with essential oils, massages, healthy meals and cleansing will leave you feeling renewed. To stimulate, awaken and cultivate your femininity, sensibility, intuition, imagination, senses, try practicing yoga or meditation, for example. Thus, especially when you need to put your thoughts on hold and return to the essentials: your feelings, your gut and your instincts. Remember that your body, as a sacred space, cradles your most intense, primal, intimate feelings. It keeps your courage, patience and innate feminine force safe and luminous; always cherish it.

Key 4. Awaken your creativity.

Your creativity is fertile, prolific and cosmic. It is intrinsically linked to your Spirit and therefore, is one of your most powerful means of action. Your creativity will define your relationship to the world and the way you interact with it in:

  • Conversations you have

  • Decisions you make

  • New projects you start

  • Your daily routines

  • Your self-care habits

  • Your Art

Investing more time in a new hobby or meditation practice will stimulate and strengthen your creativity and re-affirm your unique gifts.

Key 5. Take chances, be audacious.

You are a woman, you are a strong and unstoppable force of Nature! Remember to be bold and to take risks. Facing your fears by confronting a situation that used to frighten you will help you to transcend the limits you had once set for yourself. Don’t wait for the approval of your family and friends. You don’t need to be praised or acknowledged to accomplish something new. Do the things you love or forge your own path. Initiate all things in your life with courage, determination, and ambition. You know your value, your power and the wilderness of your spirit. Take chances and live these exciting moments fully, you are an empowered soul.

Key 6. Be grateful and forever willing.

Life is a journey. Love is a path we can take. Along the way, we are constantly challenged and confronted with too many choices and obstacles, which can leave us questioning ourselves. Yet along the way, we also come across many awakenings, synchronicties, and inspiring moments.

When your empowered self comes across positive energy or aligns perfectly with a compatible soul, remember to take a moment to breathe and be grateful for the beauty, the inspiration, and the spiritual insight.

Walk the path of your life being forever willing. Accept the magnificent moments and people that come your way and have the wisdom and courage to let go of those who weaken your soul. Gratitude and willingness are precious elements of choice and freedom, use them every step of the way.

Key 7. Create or join a community, inspire others and be inspired.

Spending time together as women can be surprisingly empowering. Joining a group of like-minded women who are walking a similar path to yours can offer nourishment, bring you some support and extra courage. It will inspire you in ways you had not considered before. Whether it is joining an online community of empowered women like you, a book club at your favorite café, a social event at your yoga club or an after-work session for women, you will find inspiration and spread inspiration. And always remember that as women, we have the power to do anything we set our hearts to.

Key 8. Nurture your spirit with daily rituals.

To instil or stimulate a positive, love-infused and inspiring aura in your daily life, journal some daily affirmations. It can be in the form of a haiku, a poem, free writing  or some personal notes. This might help you to keep a positive mindset all day long and set some motivating goals. These daily rituals create a spiritually rich commitment to yourself, distinguish your beliefs and influences  from your partner, family or friends, and will allow you to wholly embrace the empowered woman you know you are. Try spending a few moments journaling after asking yourself the question: “What is Empowerment?” The answer may surprise you.

Find the Empowered Woman in You.

Whether you feel empowered as you read these lines, have felt empowered once but somehow lost yourself along the way or are determined to find the empowered woman in you; these little tips for everyday use might come in handy. When you open up to the energy of empowerment within you, everything becomes possible.

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