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Astrology + Inner Work

Astrology is a tool to enhance our inner work. Through the language of the stars we can connect with our transpersonal nature, which is beyond the self we currently know ourselves to be. It's a portal into who we have been, where we are going, and encourages a deeper connection to truths within ourselves.

Astrological influences aren’t external forces, rather, the outer planets mirror an internal experience.

- Ciela Wynter, The Inner Journey


What can you receive from a reading?

Having your birth chart read can help you access new levels of understanding of your personal life experience and strengthen your inner knowing. A great astrologer serves as a clear mirror to see more of yourself than you are able to alone. Your chart is a photograph of your soul where past, present, and future all co-exist.

  • Inner knowing
  • Clarity within
  • Inspiration on Purpose
  • Understanding self

In-Depth Astrology Reading Session

Receive reflection and affirmation on who you are, where you have been and where you are destined to go. Dive into current astrological transits and how they affect your personal life. Allow this powerful exploration of your cosmic imprint to guide you toward your purpose.

If you have a focus, share this with your astrologer in the beginning of your reading.

After this session, you will have a new sense of self and a vision of what is possible.

Length & Cost: 1 hour 15 minutes for $199

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The True Guru is Within You

Joan of Sparc has hand selected astrologers that mirror our core principles and values. Each of our astrologers are steeped within their personal path of inner work. They have resonance and understanding of the high honor and responsibility that comes when reading astrological charts. As life long students of the craft, they continue to educate themselves on an ongoing basis of the nature of this mysterious language of the stars.


The Answers Are Within You

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