Meet Madelyn Soldner Sullivan

I'm in the middle of a metamorphosis at the moment. A few years back when I was living in California, I decided to take my passion for making custom sandals and give it a shot as my full time gig. It was such an exciting time for me as I explored the unlimited possibilities of what building a life for oneself might look like, while honing a skill and finding a way to make a living adding meaning and value to the world. I was deeply obsessed with the symbolism of sandals/footwear at the time and taught classes where I would tell folktales and myths that had shoe symbolism in them. I would invite participants to consider the meaning of their feet/shoes and offer them a space to create a pair of sandals with the intention of how they'd like to walk their path in life.

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Elemental Soul

Tap into your elemental being.

You, woman, are born with the capacity to burn, churn, dissolve, renew, adapt, expand, contract.

You embody ether, earth, and light.

You are the universe’s life force incarnate. Befriend your divine soul.

For most, the idea of transformation generates heaviness, anxiety, and ignites our sensitivity around expectation, pressure, and adequacy. Often times we choose to associate it with the dramatic, novel, and spontaneous. A word that can summon feelings of inferiority, lack, or belief that somehow we need to be something other than we are.

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The HEART Practice

Being a fiery perfectionist, I can quickly feel overwhelmed by irritation, stress, anger, or too much adrenaline from a close call - aka, slipping on ice or almost rear-ending someone. About 3 years ago, in my depths of mystery illnesses, I began finding comfort in putting my hands on my body and just breathing. Then, my dear friend, Jody, and I went on a hike and she shared this very practice. We put it into simple steps to create a recipe for those moments when you need to find a healing calm.

Jody began by telling me to first touch my heart, breathe, tune in, become curious and just ride my feelings. “Stick with that feeling. Don’t run away,” she said. What was so amazing to me was how I had already begun to do this intuitively - out of nowhere else to turn for relief, and here she was walking me through it. How funny to feel you’ve had the keys to intuit your own needs all along. As I listened closely to my inner voice, I followed ambiguous instructions to FEEL instead of THINK my way - or downright abandon myself -  through intense emotions.

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We Are The Seers We Seek

This is a season to perceive, we are the seers we seek.

In Grecian times, seers were the embodiment of divinely refined perception. Using the signs, senses, rituals, and practices, seers were highly sought members of society for their perceptive abilities. to assist in decisions that transformed early civilizations. For better and for worse. Even seers are fallible, but we do not judge ourselves for what is out of our control, we can only begin within. We look to this archetype to expand what it means to perceive.

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