Aries New Moon Astrology

New Moons are the best time for magic. The highest form of magic is the magic of self-transformation. Explore Aries New Moon Astrology from Carlos Mestanza.


Libra Full Moon: A Journey to the Heart, Through the Heart

This Libra Full Moon inspires a journey to the heart, through the heart. Read Astrology insights from Joan of Sparc Astrologer, Niki Sue Mueller.


New Moon in Pisces

The Astrology for this New Moon in Pisces is an exalted dream. The creative oceans of our hearts’ caverns awaken in love, vision, and new beginnings.


Seven Things to Know About Astrology

Did you know that you are more than your sun sign? That astrology is not fortune telling? Here are seven things to know about astrology.


Joan of Sparc March 2021 Horoscopes

Read March 2021 Horoscopes with astrology insights and mantras for your sun and rising signs written by one of our trusted Astrologers, Carlos Mestanza.


Full Moon in Virgo 2021

The energy of Virgo is very practical and inclined to be of service to others in practical ways. Explore astrology for the Full Moon in Virgo 2021.


Aquarius New Moon 2021

The Aquarius New Moon 2021 invites us to reinvest in the evolutionary winds of change that are reshaping our future potential. Read more…


February 2021 Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read astrology insights for your sun and rising sign from February Joan of Sparc Horoscopes.


Revolutionary Leo Full Moon

Committed action inspired by your highest ideals and sacred purpose are crucial during these times. Read about the soulful and revolutionary Leo Full Moon.


Capricorn New Moon: An Opportunity for Healing

New moons are opportunities for magic, and this new moon in Capricorn is extremely powerful. Explore astrological influences and healing potential.


January 2021 Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read astrology insights for your sun and rising sign through the Joan of Sparc January 2021 Horoscopes written by Ciela Wynter.

Cancer Full Moon 2020: Joan of Sparc

Cancer Full Moon 2020

The Cancer Full Moon 2020 is full of Capricorn light. Explore its meaning and read four warning signs to look out for as the year ends.