February 2021 Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

  Aries Mantra: I am stepping into expanded awareness of myself Welcome into the flow cardinal Aries. February is a great month to be social, as the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury party in your 11th house of groups. Mercury in retrograde will likely spark a review of friendships and inspire communication. This could include possibly…


Revolutionary Leo Full Moon

Committed action inspired by your highest ideals and sacred purpose are crucial during these times. Read about the soulful and revolutionary Leo Full Moon.


Capricorn New Moon: An Opportunity for Healing

New moons are opportunities for magic, and this new moon in Capricorn is extremely powerful. Explore astrological influences and healing potential.


January 2021 Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read astrology insights for your sun and rising sign through the Joan of Sparc January 2021 Horoscopes written by Ciela Wynter.

Cancer Full Moon 2020: Joan of Sparc

Cancer Full Moon 2020

The Cancer Full Moon 2020 is full of Capricorn light. Explore its meaning and read four warning signs to look out for as the year ends.

Are We In the Age of Aquarius: Joan of Sparc

Are We in the Age of Aquarius?

Astrologers and artists herald a forthcoming age of enlightenment. Are we in the Age of Aquarius and why is everyone confused about it?

Jupiter Return: Aligned Expansion Every 12 Years: Joan of Sparc

Jupiter Return: Aligned Expansion Every 12 Years

You’ve heard of the infamous Saturn Return, but have you heard of the Jupiter Return? Learn more about what it is and how it may affect you.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Joan of Sparc

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Read astrology for the new moon in Sagittarius and enjoy a solar eclipse ritual from Astrologer Niki Sue Mueller.


December Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read Joan of Sparc December Horoscopes from Astrologer Ryan Seaman.


Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology

Read astrology insights for the full moon lunar eclipse and enjoy a lunar eclipse ritual from our trusted JOS Astrologer, Genevieve Sky.

scorpio-new-moon-joanofsparc (1)

Scorpio New Moon: The Art of Transformation

Explore the art of transformation, astrology insights, and set a powerful intention on the Scorpio New Moon.


November Joan of Sparc Horoscopes

Read November Horoscopes for your sign from Joan of Sparc.