Inner Work


How to Grieve Ambiguous Loss

Are you anxious about the election, climate crisis, and world at large? A psychotherapist shares how to grieve ambiguous loss and why it’s important.

What Is Radical Acceptance?: Joan of Sparc

What Is Radical Acceptance?

Radical acceptance is knowing you are not the sinking ship but the ocean itself. Read this heartfelt answer to what is radical acceptance?

What Is an Inner Journey?: Joan of Sparc

What Is an Inner Journey?

You are not alone if you have ever wondered, what is an inner journey? Discover one woman’s ever-unfolding process through surrender.


Inner Work As A Path Forward

Inner work is a pathway forward. It inspires us to rise to the occasion and stand with every ounce of our being for justice. Justice for the black community and for all those facing injustice. Explore practices to create inner and outer change.


A Heart Surrendered Woman

Once I unlocked my heart through surrender, I realized that all of my former heartbreaks were of my own doing. When I look back at each pain and disappointment, I can see how my shadow (that pesky locked-up heart) had projected false lies onto a premise that I was running my entire life on. Now I am choosing to live as a heart surrendered woman.


Venus Retrograde: A Look at the Mythology of Transformation

Venus retrograde is less common and yet it holds an intense power in our lives. Providing the opportunity to die to old habits and harmful ways of being and be reborn again with a new vision of life, love, relationships, and values.


Astrology: A Guiding Light through the Darkness

Astrology is an ancient tool that can provide clarity on our personal paths towards wholeness. Explore the ancient psychological science of astrology reading.


How I Found My Voice as a Woman in Corporate America

It’s hard to find your voice as a woman in corporate America. Joan of Sparc’s CTO shares her story and insight into how to find your voice.


The Rise of The Divine Feminine: New Age or Profound?

As the rise of the Divine feminine moves into the mainstream, we are collectively redefining the feminine-masculine balance. Explore your role in this evolution.


What Is Inner Work and Why Is It Valuable as a Lifestyle?

We are each a world, actually a universe of possibilities. In order to make effective change in the outer world, we have to make effective change in the inner world we are in. The Inner Journey is a way of making inner work a lifestyle.


The Art of Being Spontaneous in 3 Steps

Being spontaneous leads to authentic living, expansive life experiences, and adventure. Learn the art of being spontaneous in three steps.


Crossing the Threshold: My Journey Through Contraction and Expansion

Crossing the threshold is when your life story changes direction. Explore the phases of crossing the threshold and how to support yourself and others in the process.