Creating a Foundation for Harmonious Relationships

Through inner work we can create new conscious patterns, continually becoming the person we’re meant to be, inevitably attracting harmonious relationships.

Why Boundaries Are Important: Joan of Sparc

Why Boundaries Are Important

Boundaries are essential for your heart, head, time, and energy. Explore why boundaries are important and ideas for setting healthy emotional boundaries.


Inner Work As A Path Forward

Inner work is a pathway forward. It inspires us to rise to the occasion and stand with every ounce of our being for justice. Justice for the black community and for all those facing injustice. Explore practices to create inner and outer change.


The Rise of The Divine Feminine: New Age or Profound?

As the rise of the Divine feminine moves into the mainstream, we are collectively redefining the feminine-masculine balance. Explore your role in this evolution.


How Mirroring Can Inspire Introspection

Mirroring is a complex but infinitely inspirational process. It can also be a door to introspection and accessing new knowledge about ourselves. Learn more about the process of mirroring as it can inspire introspection.


Five Steps to Free Yourself from Projection

Projection is a process psychologists define as attributing traits we strongly dislike in ourselves to other people. It is a defense mechanism of the mind that can lead to hurtful feelings. Explore these tips to free yourself from projection.


The Courage to Let Go: A Story About My Father

Walking away and towards my renewed empowered soul, I salute the phantom of the father that I leave behind.


Courageous Love: Overcoming Ego

It is in our power to create empowered relationships that are based on authentic listening, mutual respect and a profound sense of enjoyment of each other. Explore these essential questions to ask in overcoming inferiority and superiority dynamics in relationships.


What is the Role of the Masculine in the Rise of the Divine Feminine?

Reaffirming the magic of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine together and finding the balance between them.


Meet Madelyn Soldner Sullivan

I explored the unlimited possibilities of what building a life for oneself might look like, while honing a skill and finding a way to make a living adding meaning and value to the world.


Meet Jasmine Hawken

Meet Jasmine Hawken, philosopher, wife and the creator of Hairprint, “Looking back i can see i was all that i needed to be safe and be fully loved and fulfilled in my life. I learnt that the most important relationship is the one to one self.”


In Kinship, We Rise

We are not afraid, we were born to do this. We come from all walks to arrive at this intersection. Pregnant with our becoming. We do not fall apart, we fall together and rise. Together we dreamt this. Collectively, we catalyze.