Signs of High-Functioning Anxiety and Tips for Healing

Many people who experience signs of high-functioning anxiety are successful, high achieving individuals. Explore ways to resolve anxiety, and tips for healing.


Joan of Sparc Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Our curated, Joan of Sparc Holiday Gift Guide includes some of our favorite offerings from around the world to support you in living inspired.


A Heart-Surrendered Woman

Once I unlocked my heart through surrender, I realized that all of my former heartbreaks were of my own doing.


Astrology: A Guiding Light through the Darkness

Astrology is an ancient tool that can provide clarity on our personal paths towards wholeness. Explore the ancient psychological science of astrology reading.


How I Found My Voice as a Woman in Corporate America

It’s hard to find your voice as a woman in corporate America. Joan of Sparc’s CTO shares her story and insight into how to find your voice.


You’ve Set Your Intentions for the New Year. Now What?

You’ve set your intentions for the new year or you want to. Explore how to listen to the call of your heart and bring your intentions to life.


Why Being More Productive Isn’t the Solution to Anxiety

An addiction to productivity and comparison can deprive us of connection and contribute to anxiety. Learn how to listen and rediscover the simple joys in life. There is a productive solution to anxiety that is easy for anyone to access.


5 Herbal Allies for Women by Moon Phase

Women have been working with plant medicines throughout history to heal and maintain balance. Call upon these five herbal allies during the phases of the moon. Including a recipe for Women’s Moon Tonic Tea.


Finding Beauty in the Face of Adversity: Michelle Gerrard

Living with an unpredictable illness can be harrowing. Learn how one woman found beauty through expressing her creative gifts and receive an invocation to support your own resilience.


Mirrors as Symbols in Women’s Literature

Mirrors reflect light which allows them to reflect the world around them. For decades, women have used mirrors as symbols and tools of revolution.


13 Empowering Quotes from Influential Women

These thirteen influential women have impacted and helped to shape our culture and history. They flew over oceans, fought battles, wrote life-changing essays, freed entire communities from silence or oppression and stood strong together.


What is Empowerment?

When you are connected to your divine self, you open up to gifts from Nature. Unlock the eight keys to empowerment.