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Be of Service Through Mirroring and Active Listening by Becoming a Sparc Session Facilitator

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Be of Service Through Mirroring and Active Listening by Becoming a Sparc Session Facilitator

$375   Dates Coming Soon


Become a Sparc Session Facilitator

Many of us are looking for meaningful ways to be of service. If this is you, enroll in our Facilitator Training to receive the tools you need to support other individuals in their process of self-inquiry.

Your training covers Sparc Session techniques such as mirroring, active listening and unconditional positive regard as influenced by Humanistic Psychology. Facilitators do not give advice or tell others what to do, but guide participants to finding the answers within themselves.

You will learn to support individuals in connecting more deeply with their intuition and inner knowing, providing a safe container for the profound sense of healing that can come in being fully seen and acknowledged.


Create your own hours and determine how many sessions you want to offer:

  • Practice your listening skills & holding space for others
  • Be of Service - help others to feel seen & heard
  • Enrich your personal relationships
  • Gain knowledge in peer-to-peer coaching and inner work
  • Create supplemental income
  • Sparc Session Facilitators make $40* per 50 minute Sparc Session
  • If you give 5 sessions a week, you can make $800 a month*
  • Join an amazing community of people who want to support, connect & network
  • Receive discounts on all of our current & future offerings!

*Joan of Sparc does not guarantee finding sessions for you through our platform. Each facilitator is responsible for finding their own clients, however, you will be promoted as one of our Sparc Session Facilitators and receive marketing support. Pricing will increase to $80/ per Sparc Session starting on December 1, 2020 so Facilitators will receive $40 per session starting on this date.


Steps to Becoming a Facilitator



The training takes place over 3 days, completely remote on Friday night, Saturday & Sunday via Zoom.

Next live training dates will be announced soon.



A Sparc Session is included in the price of registration. Training limited to 20 people. Secure your spot now.




Provide a space of authentic connection and mirroring for others while creating your own schedule and supplementing your income.



This is a critical moment for people to speak their truths, believe in themselves and know who they are. It is only from inner work that we can truly change the world.


Hear From Our Facilitators

Being of Service

3 Ways to Facilitate Healing

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Is it a “have-to,” a puppy’s nose, a soft cry from a child, a job, coffee, or something else? What if we go deeper into that moment just after waking: your eyes are still closed or barely open and you are present to something—what is it? There is no right answer to this question, only an invitation to reflect. And then to get curious. What if that “thing” that got you out of bed was being of service?

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