We are Guru Free

The true Guru is within you.

The intention within the Guru Free Philosophy (GFP) is to encourage you to remain in, and or reclaim your personal power, as well as strengthen your relationship to it. This in no way suggests that there is an anti-teacher sentiment here. We are pro-teacher, pro-mentor, and pro-guide as long as the dynamics of power are shared rather than in a questionable or even invisible struggle.

The GFP offers new ways to teach and learn that actually empower the individual rather than creating co-dependent dynamics. We are committed to creating a space where there is no inferiority or superiority, only differing levels of experience within various areas of wellbeing that are honored and respected amongst the collective of co-creators.

We see everyone as having a message in their hearts and encourage the process of self-discovery, refinement, and the artistic expression of that message.

Joan of Sparc does not promote the Guru Model - one personality with power and information that others seek. Instead, we recognize one another as equals and agree to create a space of support and acceptance.


I love the guru free policy. It’s revolutionary to state out loud that the teacher is within. We need that today.  -Rana Lee Lacana, Member of the Joan of Sparc Community


Love is at the center of everything we are, offer, and express into a living reality. We work with, promote, and collaborate with those who are truly inspired to share their experience, wisdom gained, talents, gifts, and practices from a place of sincerity and authenticity.

We acknowledge that who we are Being matters and is reflected in our life, relationships, health, and business. Our priority is self-care, with the intention of utilizing our energy and wellness for the betterment of society. We are committed to being reflectors of inner light and a reminder of personal brilliance that exists within every heart on this planet and beyond.

Are you Guru Free?

Our Principles:

  1. Who we are Being Matters
  2. Co-creating a Space of Acceptance
  3. Empowering Authentic Expression
  4. Relating without Inferiority or Superiority
  5. Providing New Ways to Teach and Learn
  6. Inspiring Egoless Collaboration
  7. Reflecting Inner Light
  8. Practicing Self-care for Society
  9. Remembering Love is Who We Are
  10. Acknowledging the Answer is Within


Imagine a world where we reclaim our minds. Where we no longer doubt ourselves in the face of authority, relationships, institutions or identify ourselves with the brands who rule our capitalist tendencies. Imagine respecting one another, our thoughts, emotions, opinions, ways of being, and preferences without the need or desire to change each other. Imagine learning new skills from those who have learned before us without the cost of giving some of your soul away. Imagine sharing what you have learned with others from the true purity of your heart without the need for glamorized recognition even if under the misused guise of devotion or gratitude.

What if we are losing the ability to think for ourselves? What if self-doubt has become a global epidemic as a result from distancing ourselves from that which is true? How do we discern between truth and what is false? When were we taught discernment? In school? By our parents? Has discernment ever been more important than in the present moment?

Our vision is to share our Guru Free Philosophy, the cornerstone of Joan of Sparc, with everyone who feels aligned with the inherent values and principles within it. Looking to others for inspiration is natural, however, we need to be aware of placing anyone on a pedestal above our own intuition. Trust inner knowing over outer guidance. Whether you are a yoga teacher, musician, CEO, chef, leader, activist, mother, father, politician, artist, poet, celebrity, etc. You are invited to rock the Guru Free seal of approval if these words resonate with who you are.

Excerpt from The Inner Journey by Ciela Wynter