Live With Purpose

Receive new tools for inner work, reveal your purpose, and connect with our global community of inspiring leaders to feel supported in bringing your vision to life. 

WHO THIS IS FOR Connect. Reclaim. Explore.

Inner Work is an invitation to grow—to practice self-reflection, acknowledge mistakes, balance the divine masculine and feminine within, and work to do better.

  • Develop a strong foundation for inner work and self-confidence
  • Improve the quality of your life and relationships
  • Reclaim your power
  • Gain clarity on your life's purpose
  • Get connected and inspired

“I learned to live fully in the present, to forgive the regret, and embrace the unknown. I learned that every moment in life is a new beginning and the first moment is right here, right now. Take the leap.”

- Alison Perry, Community Member

WHAT YOU RECEIVE The Membership.

The Journey Membership is designed to support you in working through a specific area or block in your life, navigate from inner knowing, reveal your purpose, and support you in bringing your vision into reality.

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    Personalized self-assessment of your current moment and vision for the future

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    Inner work courses to encourage your self-discovery

  • Moonphase-bullet-points-3

    Guided meditations to take your inner work deeper

  • Moonphase-bullet-points-4

    Live events with inspiring teachers, leaders, change-makers, astrologers and creatives

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    Community conversations to enrich your personal journey

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    Journal prompts and integration work to do at your own pace

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    A 1:1 Sparc Session to gain clarity and receive meaningful guidance

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    Free access to New Moon Sparc Circles to set your monthly intentions

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    A 10% discount on all Joan of Sparc offerings

Inner Work is personal but you don’t have to do it alone.

The place that is often most uncomfortable is the beginning of our greatest new beginning. When we leave what is old and move towards a new way of being, discomfort is inevitable, but we don’t have to do it alone.


Connect with Your Inner Knowing

You are a creative, an entrepreneur, a yogi, an activist… a rebel with a cause. You have a brilliant mind and heart and have done so many things to heal yourself and support others, but something is still missing.

  • Have you noticed old patterns that keep resurfacing?
  • Feeling uninspired or disconnected?
  • Facing a big transition or life change?
  • Not sure what the next steps for your life are?
  • Have you tried other programs but still feel stuck?

WE ARE HERE Let us Support You

Whether you are new to inner work or have been working on yourself for many years, we are inspired to support you in getting to the root of what blocks you so that you can live in alignment with your purpose.

The world needs your vision right now more than ever.

If you have been feeling uncertain of what the next steps are in your life… Journey Membership is here to empower you.

Your Answers Are Within You A Message From Our Founder & CEO


My name is Ciela Wynter and I am the CEO of Joan of Sparc. Several years ago, I realized that even after a decade of transpersonal psychological research and teaching yoga for almost 20 years to thousands of students around the globe, I still looked outside of myself for the answers to some of my most personal questions... until I decided to reclaim my power.

I founded Joan of Sparc in order to bring our inner worlds to life through inner work, in search of the truth from within.

So please, take a moment, and dream with me into possibilities. Imagine a world where self-care is the new normal. Where wellness is a priority over the bottom line and people are celebrated not for working away in over-time, but for actual progress in their emotional, physical, and mental health.

We’ve launched a movement that connects, informs and inspires our community of inner & outer change-makers by revolutionizing the way people think and feel about life.

“Such a great idea, a circle of support, a place for real conversations and guided self-inquiry —yes please!”

- Diana Di Paola, Community Member

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You Are the Heroine & Hero of Your Journey

You Are the Heroine & Hero of Your Journey

The Journey: Joan of Sparc

The Journey Begins

Every journey begins with leaving what is familiar and going into the unknown. On the journey of becoming, we find the courage to discover something new… over and over again.


Share your Gifts

Once you have experienced your transformation, the only thing expected of you is that you share what you learned through your unique abilities, interests and skill set. The world needs you now more than ever. Bring your gifts to the world and let’s co-create a new future!

The Journey Membership

Find Your Guide

The true guru, the true teacher is within you. Inner work is a personal process, yet none of us have to do it alone. We are creating new ways to teach and learn together and are here to support you fully. Inner work for outer change.



Through inner work, you confront “the shadow” and bring it to light. The process can be messy, confusing and scary in moments, however inner work is one of the most courageous and rebellious things we can do. Change is inevitable, the question is whether we choose to engage the process consciously or not.


Share your Gifts

Once you have experienced your transformation, the only thing expected of you is that you share what you learned through your unique abilities, interests and skill set. The world needs you now more than ever. Bring your gifts to the world and let’s co-create a new future!

Two Ways to Pay

The Journey Membership

For less than a cup of coffee a day...

Choose either a convenient monthly payment or an easy one-time annual payment.

$35/mo or $375/yr*

*Annual commitment required


Gift the Journey Membership.

"A gift that will keep on giving.” — Shelby Elsbree, Community Member