What Inspired Joan of Sparc?

We need an internal revolution to bring forth something new. The status quo is collapsing and only through changing our minds can we change the world. My name is Ciela Wynter and I am the CEO of Joan of Sparc. I founded Joan of Sparc in order to bring our inner worlds to life through personal development, in search of the truth from within. I realized that even after a decade of transpersonal psychological research and teaching yoga for almost 20 years, I still looked outside of myself for the answers to some of my most personal questions.

As humans, we are prone to looking externally for solutions and often give our power away without even realizing it. What if instead of externalizing our search, we found what we needed through self-inquiry?

So please, take a moment, and dream with me into possibilities. Imagine a world where self-care is the new normal. Where wellness is a priority over the bottom line and people are celebrated not for working away in over-time, but for actual progress in their emotional, physical and mental health.

I’ve always been inspired by Jeanne d’Arc as a role model and archetype of the fearless warrior maiden who led both men and women to victory from her devotion and by listening to the power of her intuition. And thus we honor her namesake in the co-creation of Joan of Sparc.Our vision is a call for a revolution in consciousness where everyone is empowered and free. We are so honored to share this growing platform with generations of inspiring people, combining advanced technology and the architecture of our bodies, minds and spirits with a focus on up-leveling and enhancing our quality of life. I believe that by healing ourselves, we can cultivate change within, and thus inspire change without.